New Jersey Association of School Administrators

School Administrator Mentor Training Program Content





As part of the requirement for the endorsement of School Administrator, candidates must complete a State approved residency program while employed under provisional certification in a public school district. The residency program is “administered by a State approved mentor, an experienced administrator who has completed a State approved orientation, and who shall supervise and verify completion of all required experiences and training by the candidate.” (6A:9-12.4)


The mentor training program that follows has been developed to satisfy the orientation requirement described in the statute. NJASA will certify candidates who complete this program to NJDOE for approval as State mentors.   


Mentor Training Program




To qualify as a mentor for school administrators, candidates must:

·         Have a minimum of 5 years of school leadership experience as a Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent. 

·         Be currently active in the position or retired (inactive in a leadership capacity) no more than five years.

·         Exhibit exemplary credentials and a demonstrated record of educational accomplishments.

·         Be committed to providing support and supervision to certification candidates.

·         Have completed the NJASA training program.

·         Be recertified every two years, if retired.


Training Program Content

NJASA will provide a two day training program to orient participants to the mentor role, review the specific requirement for the School Administrator endorsement and provide training in the content areas and process skills deemed necessary for successful mentoring.


Day 1




As a result of participating in Day 1 training activities, mentor candidates will:


·         Understand the certification requirements for school administrators and the role a mentor plays in that process.

·         Gain information and updates on recent requirements, regulations and legal issues that have a significant impact on school administrators.

·         Recognize educational trends that new school administrators will encounter.

·         Recognize common issues facing new superintendents.




During the first day mentor candidates will be provided with the necessary background information to understand the requirements of their role in the certification process. They will also acquire up-to-date background information on regulations and educational trends that will have an impact on new school administrators.


Day 2




As a result of participating in Day 2 training activities, mentor candidates will:


·         Understand the mentoring concept.

·         Recognize the benefits and problems traditionally associated with mentoring programs.

·         Recognize the characteristics of effective mentors and mentoring programs.

·         Sharpen the process skills needed to effectively mentor




Day 2 activities will be highly interactive and model many of the skills required to be an effective mentor. Case studies and real-life examples will be used to acquaint mentors to common situations new superintendents encounter and develop techniques to provide assistance.