Professional Growth Plans (PGP)



Sample Professional Growth Plans (PGP)


Beginning July 1, 2005 Professional Growth Plans are required for all Superintendents/Chief School Administrators.  The New Jersey Department of Education has contracted with NJASA to monitor and approve all plans.  Much information is available on the NJASA and NJDOE websites, including procedures and forms for their completion.


Listed below is one of four sample Superintendent’s PGPs. These samples are provided to assist Superintendents in selecting a standard, goals and intended outcomes, activities, a timeline and evidence of success.


For specific questions on the process, format or timelines, please contact Frank Borelli, NJASA Director of Professional Development at (856) 582-7000, Extension 129 or email him at

Sample #1


New Jersey Professional Development for School Leaders

Professional Growth Plan (PGP)





Part I:         Selecting the Standard


Based on a self-assessment against the New Jersey Standards for School Leaders and other sources the following standard has been selected as the focus of my PGP:


Standard 1: A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.  In particular, I want to focus on data-analysis strategies.


Part 2:        District/School/Department Linkages


Enhancing my knowledge and skills, dispositions and performance relative to these standards relates to district/school/departmental improvement needs in the following ways:


-Although the staff is encouraged to analyze assessment results, said data are not used effectively to develop school vision and goals.

-The school district’s use of data analysis strategies does not result in instructional practices that reflect the educability of all students.

-Consensus building techniques have not lead to the evolution of clearly communicated mission of the district shared by staff, parents, community members, and local municipal officials.     


Part 3:        Specific Goals and Intended Outcomes


The specific goals of my PGP and intended outcomes can be summarized briefly as follows:


I will increase my knowledge of information sources, data collection and data analysis strategies, resulting in a well articulated plan to promote the success of all students through a vision of learning that is shared and supported by staff, parents, community members and municipal officials.


Part 4:        Evidence, Timelines and Resources



I will engage in the following activities and detail how each activity enhances the achievement of my goal.


1.  Identify appropriate information sources.

2.  Read and research about high performing schools effectively using data analysis to ensure academic success for all students.

3.  Attend related conferences and network with colleagues.

4.  Share the results of my research with the administrative staff first and

when appropriate with the instructional staff.

5.  Involve stakeholders in the development of a plan that articulates the

belief that all students must experience success.

6.  Implement a plan that communicates the vision and mission of the

school district to the staff, parents, community members and municipal




I will document my progress in enhancing my skills and knowledge,

dispositions and performance with the following artifacts and/or outcomes:

-         Maintain a log of activities.

-         Retain notes from research, conversations and conferences.

-         List identified information sources.

-         Keep a binder of agendas and minutes from administrative and

instructional staff meetings where the topics of data analysis and a

shared vision of success for all students.

-         Produce the plan.

-         Assess the impact of the plan


Timelines and Benchmarks

Implementation of my PGP will be in accordance with the following 2-year activity plan and applicable benchmarks:


Year 1:             Identify appropriate information sources.

                        Complete activities related to research.

                        Attend conferences and network with colleagues.

                        Share results of research with administrators and teachers.


Year 2:             Form a committee of stakeholders.

                        Develop a plan that meets to goal of the PGP.

                        Implement the plan.



The following resources may be necessary for the full implementation of my PGP:

-     NJASA Audio Journal

-         Finances and time to attend conferences and meetings. 

-         Funds for purchasing books and other material relevant to the topic.

-         Consultant services to assist with the implementation and evaluation of the plan.

-         Funds to purchase symbols and finance ceremonies by which the vision and mission of the district are communicated.

-     Any related expenses not anticipated at this time. 


Part IV:      Peer Review Committee


The following colleagues on my Peer Review Committee have reviewed and accepted the PGP for Dr. ABC:





Superintendent, ABC Schools





Superintendent, ABC Schools



_____________________________                                   9-14-05     

Dr. ABC   

Superintendent, ABC Schools