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Public school officials are sometimes required to investigate allegations of employee misconduct in the workplace, or to otherwise undertake investigations to audit security procedures.  Boards of education, as employers, are permitted to regulate and monitor the use of district-provided computers to employees to further these purposes.  This month’s Administrative Guide is the first part of a two-part series reviewing and updating the law regarding Workplace Investigations and Employee Privacy Rights.

In addition, the School News Briefs reviews three new cases, including one in which the Commissioner agreed with the ALJ who found that a board’s decision to RIF CST members and subcontract their work to a private company was ultra vires and a violation of those employees’ tenure rights.

The April 2016 Impact on Negotiations  also reviews three cases including one in which the Appellate Division affirmed a PERC ruling which held that a board’s unilateral imposition of three furlough days was an exercise of the board’s non-negotiable managerial prerogative, and the superintendent’s email to staff informing them of the furlough days did not undermine the union.

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