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November 2014 edition now online

The November 2014 Administrative Guide is available online. Recent news reports have brought the issue of hazing in schools to the forefront.  While there is much to be done to eliminate this problem, New Jersey has addressed this issue in the past.  This Administrative Guide will review the relevant case law and legislation which address this problem.

In addition, the School News Briefs reviews two new cases.  In one case tenure charges against a male teacher were sustained due to his misuse of a school computer which included using it for sexually graphic email.  In another case, the Commissioner upheld a district’s decision to implement an “Option II” policy which allowed non-certificated coaches to provide physical education and grades to student athletes.

The November 2014 Special Education Bulletin reviews three new cases including one in which emergent relief was granted to a school district, compelling the parents to produce a student for an evaluation, and to allow the district to release the student’s records to obtain a potential out-of-district placement.

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