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June 2014 edition now online
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The June 2014 issue The June 2014 issue of the NJASA Legal Research Publication Program is now available online to subscribers. The most recent legislative session for 2012-2013 saw the adoption of several new laws and amendments to existing laws that will impact operations of public school districts and their employees.  Included in these new laws and amendments are the following:  a law authorizing boards of education to have employees’ net pay directly deposited into a bank account; an amendment to an existing statute to authorize salary agreements for up to five years in length; an amendment to an existing statute regarding the reporting of newly hired employees and employees who have separated from employment; a new law prohibiting employers from requiring employees to disclose personal information for certain electronic communications; an amendment to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination to prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions; and an amendment to the Public School Contracts Law to allow nonpublic schools to participate in joint purchasing agreements with public school districts.  This Administrative Guide will provide an overview of each of these important changes.
In addition, the School News Briefs reviews three new cases, including one in which the New Jersey Supreme Court held that a school principal owed no duty of care to a third party who entered school property after hours for personal reasons and who was injured when attacked by a stray dog.  In another case, the Appellate Division held that a former secretary relinquished her tenure rights to her secretarial position when she voluntarily assumed the position of Assistant to the School Business Administrator, and then subsequently accepted a promotion to the certificated position of Assistant School Business Administrator.
The June 2014 Impact on Negotiations reviews four new cases including one in which PERC held that the association was permitted to arbitrate a grievance alleging that the board failed to pay teachers the correct rate of pay for working an extra period beyond the school day.
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