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April 2015 edition now online

The April 2015 Administrative Guide is available online. As smart/cell phone capabilities grow, so do the issues they create in schools. While such devices have broad capabilities that enhance the educational process, they also bring negative issues such as cheating, “sexting,” and cyberbullying. This Administrative Guide examines those issues and recent cases relating to the use of cellular phones in schools. 

In addition, the School News Briefs reviews three new cases. In one case, a Superior Court Judge ruled that the State’s failure to make the payment to state employee pension funds for the 2015 fiscal year substantially impairs public employees’ constitutionally protected contract rights. The judge found that the Governor and Legislature must fashion a remedy to this problem.

The April 2015 Impact on Negotiations reviews two cases including one in which PERC found that a contract provision that allowed certain retirees to receive dental and prescription benefits was not mandatorily negotiable to the extent that it applied to individuals who had 25 or more years of service in the district, and who elected state-paid health coverage. 

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