Mentor Selection Process For New School Administrators

Individuals who hold a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) for School Administrator and are offered a position requiring that certification (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Director with district wide duties) are required to complete a residency program while employed under the provisional certification. New Jersey Administrative Code requires the residency program to be administered by a state approved mentor, who shall supervise and verify completion of all required experiences and training by the candidate.

Under current provisions, state approved mentors have a minimum of five years experience operating with the standard School Administrators certificate and have been authorized after successful completion of the NJASA Mentor Training Program.

NJASA anticipates DOE revisions to the School Administrators Residency Program and is aligning its programs and services to meet the requirements of those imminent changes scheduled to take effect July 2015.  

Newly appointed school administrators who need a mentor after July 1, 2015 should contact NJASA for more detailed information.

Dr. Mark Stanwood can be contacted at