Mentor Selection Process For New School Administrators

School Administrators employed under a provisional certificate in a public school district must complete a New Jersey Department of Education’s approved residency program “administered by a NJDOE approved mentor, an experienced administrator who has completed a State approved orientation and who shall supervise and verify completion of all required experiences and training by the candidate.” (6a:9-12.4)


In addition to meeting the NJDOE mandate, the intent of this mentoring program is to provide professional support and collaboration for new school administrators during their residency year.


New Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents seeking the certification endorsement of “School Administrator” are required to select a mentor from the state approved mentors who have completed NJASA’s Mentor Training program and have at least five years of experience as a Superintendent or as a Assistant Superintendent.


Note:  The mentorship/residency program is usually for one full year, however, in extenuating circumstances the program may be extended for up to two years.  The fee paid to the mentor is a flat fee set by the NJDOE at $2500, to be paid by the new school administrator or the employing school district.