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The 2017 NJASA Nominating Committee Report

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NJASA Members

Dr. Richard G. Bozza, Executive Director

February 13, 2017

Nominating Committee Report

The NJASA Nominating Committee has agreed to nominate a slate of officers for the 2017-2018 Association year.

Members of the Nominating Committee were:

Mr. Patrick Fletcher, NJASA Immediate Past-President (Chair)
Mr. Hugh Beattie, Superintendent, Lakeland Regional H.S.
Mr. Raymond J. Brosel, Superintendent, Voorhees Township and Past President
Dr. Dina Elliott, Superintendent, Cumberland County Technical Education Center
Mr. Mark Finkelstein, Superintendent, Education Services Commission of NJ and Past President
Dr. Philip Guenther, Superintendent, Atlantic County Institute of Technology
Dr. Deborah Harvest, Assistant Superintendent, East Orange
Dr. Robert Price, Director of C & I, Northern Valley Reg. H.S.
Ms. Judith A. Rattner, Superintendent, Berkeley Heights and Past President      

The Committee nominated the following slate of officers to serve for the 2017-2018 year:

PRESIDENT:  Dr. Michael D. Kuchar, Associate Professor, Seton Hall University

PRES-ELECT:  Dr. G. Kennedy Greene, Superintendent, Newton (Sussex Co.)

SECRETARY:  Dr. Scott R. Rocco, Superintendent, Spotswood (Middlesex Co.)  

TREASURER:  Dr. Margaret Dolan, Superintendent, Westfield (Union Co.)

IMMEDIATE PAST PRES:  Dr. Scott P. McCartney, Superintendent, Moorestown Twp. (Burlington Co.)


Nominating Committee:

A.  Must be appointed by the President no later than February 1 of each year. It shall consist of nine members: Immediate Past President (Chair), 3 other most immediate Past Presidents who are active members of the Association, and 5 members from the field, with due consideration given to geographic and minority groups.

B.  The Nominating Committee's report shall be presented to the Executive Director no later than February 10. The Executive Director shall inform the membership of the results of the report no later than February 15.

Nominations by Petition:

A.  Nominations by petition may occur for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. Contact Ginger Thompson at NJASA headquarters for petition blanks.

B.  Requirements for nomination by petition are: 50 signatures from 7 counties, with no fewer than 5 signatures from any one county.

C.  Petitions must arrive at NJASA headquarters by March 10 or first working day thereafter (if office is closed on March 10 for any reason), accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the nominee.

D.  If there are no nominations by petition, the slate of the Nominating Committee shall be declared elected at the first Executive Committee meeting following March 10.


A.  Ballots shall be mailed by April 1, and no later than 30 days prior to the return date.

B.  Ballots shall contain the names of all nominees by both the Nominating Committee and by petition, and shall indicate how each nominee was nominated.