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Register for a Free Event on April 18 to Learn All About the PSEL and the Leadership Reflection and Growth Tool

The 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders represent the best thinking and latest research related to the impact of leadership on student achievement. The role of the school leader has shifted from a focus on management to a focus on student learning through strong and effective instructional leadership. Read more...

What Do the New Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) Mean for You, Your School, and Your District? 
Attend a free event and receive a free tool, developed for leaders by leaders, that can 
help you answer this critical question.
April 18, 2017 
at the FEA Conference Center
12 Centre Drive
Monroe Township, NJ 08831
Choose One and Register Today: 
Teams of central office and school leaders are encouraged to attend. Space is limited. Register here:

Join NJASA and NJPSA staff and members for this valuable experience for your leadership team to learn about a new tool, the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) Reflection and Growth Tool.

This free tool is a set of questions that align to the new educational leadership standards. They include the critical actions that are important for a full understanding about how the standards can positively impact all NJ leaders. The focus is on helping all leaders to grow in the practices that result in higher levels of student learning. You will learn how the reflection tool will enable you to:

•        Understand the impact the new standards will have on leadership in your school and district;

•        Reflect on your own practice;

•        Drive collaborative conversations with school/district leadership team to explore how these standards can build collective capacity to achieve school/district goals; and

•        Develop a shared district mindset of what powerful leadership looks like in action.

Teams of central office and school leaders are encouraged to attend.

There is no cost, but space is limited in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Please choose one and register today!