Dear Resident and Mentor:

    Welcome to the New Jersey School Administrator Residency Program. NJASA offers this residency program as the capstone learning experience that will result in attainment of the Standard School Administrator Certificate.

    In the fall of 2012, NJASA appealed to the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) to make revisions to the residency program that would improve our practice, enhance accountability, and address the inadequacies of the previous residency program for school administrators in New Jersey. DOE and NJASA conducted focus groups of recent residents to identify elements of the program in need of improvement. Additionally, NJASA surveyed AASA affiliates across the country about their policies and practice.

    DOE issued a Request for Qualifications, soliciting professional organizations, agencies and universities to administer the NJSARP on behalf of the state. Despite numerous applications, the NJASA was named as the sole provider for school administrators (NJPSA was selected to administer the program for principals.) The current program reflects the framework and design required by the DOE, as well as by research and best practice.

    We are pleased to welcome and serve our new school district leaders and look forward to your membership and participation in NJASA leadership activities.  We have a strong network supporting your success, including our legal department. Please contact one of our attorneys regarding your first superintendent contract.

    If you have any questions or recommendations about our program, we welcome them. Please contact Dr. Mark Stanwood, mstanwood@njasa.net.



    Richard G. Bozza



    Dr. Richard G. Bozza

    Executive Director