School Administrator
    Mentor Training Program
    May 9 & 10, 2019
    Required training is being offered at:
    NJASA Headquarters
    920 West State Street, Trenton, NJ  08618





    The requirements for the standard School Administrator endorsement include a Commissioner-approved residency program while employed under the School Administrator Provisional Certificate.  The residency program is overseen and supervised by NJASA-trained mentors, who provide individualized, collaborative and confidential support; supervise and verify each candidate’s completion of required experiences; and meet at least monthly face-to-face with the resident (NJAC 6A:9B-12.4).

    The NJASA Mentor Training Program has been approved by the NJDOE to meet the mentor preparation requirements. NJASA will certify successful participants as mentors who will be authorized to recommend standard certification for School Administrator residents who satisfy the requirements.


    Mentor Training Program Qualifications

    All participants in the NJASA Mentor Training Program must

    • Have a minimum of five years exemplary service under the NJ School Administrator endorsement. That means serving as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, or director in NJ, with a positive influence on student achievement, use of data-based decision making, and commitment to student success.
    • Be willing and able to provide personal time and attention to resident school administrators
    • Have been engaged in NJ schools for at least three of the past five years


    Training Program Content

    This two-day (9am-3pm) training program will include the requirements of the NJ School Administrator Resident Program, the theoretical framework and program design, procedures and forms, opportunities to design and discuss individualized residency programs. Participants will attend both days.  For more details, please click the “Residency” link on www.njasa.net. 


    Please contact Dr. Mark Stanwood mstanwood@njasa.net with any questions.