2019 Spring Leadership Conference

    May 15-17, 2019

    "Mindfulness for All: Connecting Leaders and Learners"

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     Accepted proposals include the following.  

    Formal email announcements will be sent in the next week.  

    Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!


    • NJASA 4 Equity: One Vision, Our Voice
    • Parent and Student Reunification During a School Crisis: Things to Consider
    • Mindfulness and Trauma in the K-12 Classroom
    • Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Aggression in Students with Autism and Behavioral Disabilities Using Mindfulness Practices
    • Social and Emotional Learning and At-Risk Youth; A Whole-Child Programmatic Approach to Meeting the Needs of Our Most Vulnerable Students
    • STEM & Problem-Based Learning with a Purpose: Developing Authentic Learning Opportunities Through Tech and Essential Skills Integration
    • The Listening Leader
    • Building an Inclusive Culture in Public Schools
    • Strategies to Successfully Defend Unilateral Placements
    • Attaining Educational Equity: Building Your Framework
    • Integrating Social-Emotional Learning Into the Classroom:  Relationships, Social Awareness, and Self-Management in River Dell Regional School District 
    • The Journey Through Creating a Therapeutic Program 
    • No IEP Needed! Offering School-Based Intervention and Therapeutic Services to All Students in Need Through Expansion of the RTI Mode 
    • The Mental Health Crisis in Schools: A Multi-Pronged Integrated Care Mode 
    • Crisis Intervention Procedures and Protocols in Schools
    • A Whole Child Approach to School Safety 
    • Technology Tools Enhancing ABA Implementation 
    • Developing a Systemic Assessment Plan: A High-Leverage Strategy for Increasing Student Achievement 
    • Five Ways to Win Special Education Cases
    • Co-Teaching: Two is Better than One 
    • The Lead Teacher Leadership Model 
    • Just Breathe! 
    • How to Settle Your Teacher Contract in Two Sessions 
    • A Roadmap to Attendance Improvement in North Brunswick Township Public Schools
    • Connecting the Dots: How to Engage and Empower Staff with Information that Supports Cycles of Continuous Improvement, Targeted Invention, and Equity Efforts Across Districts and Schools 
    • Collaboration for School Climate Change
    • Using Mindfulness to Ease Difficult Discussions
    • Harness the Power of Resistance 
    • Communicating Sensitive Information During a Crisis
    • How Instructional Leaders Improve Teaching; Partnership for Collaborative Professional Learning 
    • You Have a Job Offer – Let’s Negotiate the Contract!


    • Telling Your District's Story with Visual Analytics 
    • How to Identify Behavioral Health and Addiction Issues in the Workplace 
    • Simulations Help Administrators and Educators Practice Like Surgeons Do to Improve Performance


    • Using a District-Wide Approach that Aligns Instructional Knowledge, Language, and Tools to Impact Student Achievement


    • Leading with Literacy:  Transitioning from a Manager to an Instructional Leader


    • New Jersey Leadership Academy:  Building Shared Leadership Through Team-Based Professional Learning


    • The Broad Impact of a Captivating Digital Library at Jersey City P.S. 33