TO:                NJASA Membership

    FROM:          Richard G. Bozza, Ed.D., Executive Director

    DATE:           February 12, 2019


    DSA  NJASA Distinguished Service Award Nomination Procedures








    It is time once again to select individuals for the NJASA Distinguished Service Award. This award will be presented during the NJASA/NJAPSA Spring Leadership Conference Opening General Session on Thursday, May 16, 2019. This year’s Conference will be held at Caesars in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


    The guidelines and materials for use in the Distinguished Service Award selection process are as follows:


    1. All nominations are to be made on a form provided by NJASA (see attached) and no more than two pages of additional data may be submitted with the nomination. This form may be duplicated or additional copies may be obtained from NJASA. Beyond the two pages of additional data, no publications or additional testimonials will be accepted.


    2. All nominations must be received at NJASA Headquarters no later than March 15, 2019. All late entries will be rejected and returned to the person entering such nominations.


    3. Nominations will be judged by the NJASA Distinguished Service Award Selections Committee, composed of the five immediate past presidents, appointed by the president. This Committee will submit its recommendation to the Executive Committee in order for action to be taken as early as April, prior to the granting of the award(s).


    4. The number of awards will be limited to a maximum of four (4), with the understanding that any number from zero to four may be recommended by the Selection Committee each year.


    5. Award recipients will be encouraged to be present to receive the award, while recognizing that some disabling situation or other unusual circumstances may preclude such attendance.


    Criteria for nomination are as follows:


    1. The nominee must be able to demonstrate a history of significant contributions toward improvement of public education and school administration through activity in NJASA for at least ten (10) years. (Service need not be consecutive or in active status at time of recognition.)


    2. Anyone who is or has been an active member is eligible.


    3. Nominees need not be retired to be eligible.


    Please feel free to make any nominations or pass this information on to your colleagues.


    Click here to download the 2019 Nomination Form.