• Thursday, January 30 – 10:30 – 11:30 am

    Esports is Taking the World by Storm, Evolving to Becoming a Billion Dollar Industry


    Chris Aviles and Steve Isaacs have been deeply embedded in esports in the education community since the beginning. They both run very successful esports programs but have come at creating their programs from different angles. Hear their stories as they will provide great insights into the challenges as well as the successes involved in bringing a program from idea to implementation. This session will provide an overview of esports in education including the academic and social emotional benefits and how we can prepare our students for future opportunities in and around the industry.



    Friday, January 31 – 10:30 – 11:30 am

    The Role of Students and Technology in the Future of Sustainability


    It is clear that substantial innovation and technological creativity will be needed to help us address the sustainability challenges humanity collectively faces, from climate change to global food security and more. Preparing our students to address these challenges requires a firm grounding in the STEM fields to be sure; but it also requires a strong capacity for innovation, creative and interdisciplinary thinking, ethical reasoning, and resilient problem-solving. We must train our students for a wide array of challenges, some of which are not fully understood, and ever-changing jobs, some of which do not yet exist, and all of which will be vital to our collective future. To accomplish this we must move beyond conventional teaching practices and move towards a reinvention of STEM education for a sustainable future.