JANUARY 26-28, 2022

    This year's conference will be held "in-person" at

    Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

    Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!

    The following workshops have been selected for this year's conference.

    The final schedule / agenda will be posted the week of December 6.

    Email notifications will follow with instructions on registering as a speaker.


    Experiencing History Through Virtual Field Trips


    The Paperless Business Office


    Equity Maps: Bringing Equity to Class Participation


    Help Me Ethical Hacker...You are My Only Hope


    Voice Notes and Feedback for Your Students


    Google's Best Kept Secret: Data Studio


    The New Normal in Teaching- The Big Return to the Classroom with Technology!


    Forging Academic Library & K-12 School Partnerships to Support K-12 Teachers and Students


    Preparing Students for the Pandemic-Altered Workplace: The Role of Online and Blended Learning and Technologies


    How to Use GeoGebra: Geometrical Interpretations with Dynamic Geometry Representations


    Seamless Digital Communication for Your Whole School


    Low-Tech Teaching Tools for Teaching Transition Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities


    K-12 Master Scheduling with Google Sheets and Genesis


    PD Glow-Up: Rejuvenate PD with a DIY Technology Convention


    Identifying Opportunities for Shared Services, Consortium Purchasing, and Cost Savings


    Accelerating Learning and Giving Back to the Community Through Imagine Math


    NJ STEAM Tank Finalists- Team #BrigStrong (5th Grade)


    Utilizing Technology in Early Childhood Education


    Why Most Schools are NOT Fully Prepared for a Lockdown


    Storytelling StARs (Using AR to Tell Stories)


    Best Practices for Teaching and Learning Virtually


    Flexible Digital Solutions Keep Students Engaged in Rigorous Literacy Learning


    The Ocean View: A Student Run Daily Livestream


    Security Knights of the Round Table


    The Missing Link- ClassLink for Small Districts


    The Pedagogy and the Practice of Blended Teaching and Learning


    ADA and the Interactive Process - It's Not Just for COVID


    Makers Everyday: A Multidisciplinary Method for Embedding Makerspace Education into the Classroom


    Building Literacy Skills for Early Learners with iPad


    STEAM Power for ALL


    Technology For Social Good...Using the SDGs


    SAMR in the COVID Era


    Keeping Our Online Learning Spaces Safe


    Positive Impact of District-Wide Consistency of Measurements and Instructional Tools


    Breakbeatcode: Host a Hackathon to Bring Coding and Music Together


    Fostering Social and Leadership Skills through a School Based SWAT Team (Students Who Assist with Technology)


    The Wonder Years...Are You Setting Up Your Students with the Learning Skills They Will Need in High School and Beyond?


    Leveraging Technology to Avert Students on the Path of Violence to Self and Others


    So, You Want to be a Technology Director?


    Remote Support for Students with Zoom


    Leverage VR to Develop Student Presentation Skills


    Leading and Learning with the Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools Star Recognition Program


    When Learning Clicks: How the Pandemic Could Shape the Future of Education


    Middlesex County Tech Council Roundtable


    Opportunities to Accelerate Learning


    What's New from Apple Education


    Advancing Equity and Making Personalized Learning a Reality in K-3 Math 


    Aligning Expectations for High-Quality Virtual Instruction


    Engaging Families in the RTI Process with Personalized Fingertip Profiles


    Best Practice, Student Choice, and Engagement: Rethinking Student Learning and Equity


    Hands-On Tools in Computer Science Education


    Digitizing Conceptual Understanding: Best Practices for K-8 ELA and Mathematics Online and Hybrid Instruction


    Beyond the Basics: Leadership Tips, Tricks and Tools from a Veteran Google District


    The Big Pivot: Rethinking Teaching, Learning, and Operations in a Post-Pandemic World


    Starting a Student Tech Team? Curriculum and Tools for Operating a Student-led Repair Center


    Seeing Student Growth without Spreadsheets. How We Do It


    E-Sports for Every Child: Creating an Inclusive Environment for All of Your Students


    STEMinists: Encouraging Girls to Study Computer Science


    NJSLS 2020: New Tech Standards in Practice


    New Features and Ways to Use the Google Suite!


    Keep Your School Safe - Emergency Notification Systems


    Individualized Learning with LinkIt in a Covid World


    Amped Up Communication: Keeping Everyone in the School Community Connected


    One District’s Journey to Improve Communication, A Systems Approach


    Opening Doors to Community Experts:  Bridging the Gap Between Content and the Real-World


    Expanding STEAM and Sustainability in the Community


    Strengthen Cybersecurity—Multi-Factor and Security Trends


    Don't Pay the Ransom!  Recover with Confidence


    Opportunity Meets Preparedness: A Reflective Look at One District’s Journey Towards Systematically Improving Its Use of Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning


    Building a Culture of Unstoppable Literacy Acceleration


    VoIP Shopping? Know What to Ask to Get What You Need


    Do You Have Visibility of School Devices After Hours?


    Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack


    Baseline Your District Security!


    On-Line Simulations: Scalable Experience to Improve Decision Making and Resilience Both Synchronously or Asynchronously


    The Future of Technology in Education Roundtable Discussion


    Teachers are Overwhelmed and Burned Out!  Forget Amazon Alexa and Google Home, It's Time for Merlyn Mind


    Explore, Play, Share! - 25 Tools for Personalized Learning