Lifting Leadership...Knowledge, Relationships and Empowerment


    MAY 17-19, 2023

    Thank you to everyone who submitted a session proposal. Below are the sessions selected for SLC '23.

    Session presenters:  A confirmation email with registration information is forthcoming.

    1. Building Leadership Capacity and Meeting Initiatives Through Teacher-Led Professional Learning Communities
    1. Addressing the Rise of Mental Health Challenges and School Avoidance Through Creating an In-District Therapeutic Program
    1. Preparing for Controversy
    1. First Responders: How to Create a Partnership in Order to Provide Youth and Mental Health First Aid
    1. Strong Women, Strong Leaders
    1. Everyday Equity
    1. Data - Meeting the Needs of Kids, Parents, Teachers, and Educational Leaders
    1. Leading with Resilience: A Multifaceted Approach to Building Administrative Capacity to Enhance a District's Culture
    1. Starfish and Horseshoe Crabs- Meeting the Needs of the Most Challenging Students
    1. Creating Academic Achievement Through Mental Health
    1. Are You Harvesting Your Data? 
    1. Budgeting and Strategic Planning for Projects in 2023
    1. Leadership in the Role of the CSA/Principal
    1. Leading Change in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Engaging and Empowering Stakeholders Through Strategic Planning
    1. Self-Care for Administrators...What I Wish I Had Known!
    1. A New Approach to Raising Teacher Morale
    1. Building an Authentic Staff Wellness Program that Pays and Saves
    1. The 20 Special Education Mistakes No District Can Afford to Make: Comegno’s Lessons
    1. Harness the Power of Social Media: A Plan for School Administrators
    1. The Best PD Can Be Personal
    1. TA to Teachers- Fostering Future Educators
    1. South Bergen Jointure Commission and The Power of Partnerships: Helping People Break Through Barriers to Unleash their Potential and Give their Best to the World
    1. Getting Started with Restorative Practices
    1. Emotional Regulation Impairment, High Rewards, and Success in the Classroom
    1. Solving the Unsolvable: How One District Approached Retention and Recruitment
    1. Implementing a Restorative Community Service Program to Reduce Student Suspension
    1. Knowing Our Why
    1. Creative & Cost-Effective Solutions to Common District Challenges
    1. How Our District Used the QSAC Process as an Opportunity for Reflection
    1. Profile of a Graduate: An Introduction to the Promise of Personalized Learning
    1. Solving the World Language Teacher Shortage: The Ultimate 2023 Guide  
    1. Creating POWERFUL Learning Communities - PLC's
    1. Women in Leadership: Navigating the Most Common Challenges
    1. EDC Implementation – Lessons Learned Moving Into the 21st Century
    1. Mindful Leadership: Creating Equitable Spaces for Marginalized Students
    1. Transforming a School District, One Relationship at a Time
    1. Executive Administrative Assistant: A Critical Role Through the Lens of Novice and Experienced Superintendents
    1. Update on Everything You Need to Know about HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying)
    1. From Building Administrators to Instructional Leaders
    1. (Mis)steps to Success: Reflections from First Year Superintendents
    1. What It Means to See Myself in the Books I Read: Providing Windows and Mirrors for All Students from All Backgrounds
    1. How to Create and Expand an MTSS Framework for Student Mental Health Care in 2023