NJASA Partners with NJSBA to Offer a Customized Policy Writing Service

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    NJASA in partnership with the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), is offering a Customized Policy Writing Service as an affordable solution for managing your school district’s policy manual. 

    The NJSBA Customized Policy Writing Service has the potential to save your district thousands of dollars on an annual basis—a critical factor in these difficult economic times. You will receive free email updates to keep your school district policy manual current with federal and state laws and regulations. The free updates are also readily accessible in the password-protected area of the NJSBA website.

    Plus, the NJSBA file code system makes it easy to access and use NJSBA dues-based policy services, including our Critical Policy Reference Manual (CPRM).

    NJSBA also provides a clearinghouse of sample policies available for reference by your district.

    Other Advantages of the NJSBA Customized Policy Writing Service Include:

    • The addition of all critical policies that are not presently in your manual;
    • The removal of redundant or duplicate policies;
    • Consolidation of shorter policies under the same file code number;
    • Additions that will ensure that your manual complies with federal and state requirements; 
    • Updates of legal citations;
    • Evaluation and update of regulations and discretionary policies;
    • An Alphabetical Index to key words to help locate policies;
    • Sample regulations; and
    • Assistance from the Legal, Policy and Labor Relations professionals at NJSBA.

    Policy Manual Wellness Check Contact us for a complimentary policy manual “Wellness Check.” We’ll conduct a quick assessment to determine if your policy manual is complete and evaluate its overall quality.

    Compare and Save to see how your district can save thousands of dollars by using NJSBA’s policy services.

    For More Information about NJSBA Policy Fee Based services, contact Lou Schimenti via email at lschimenti@njsba.org or by phone (609) 278-5271.