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NJDOE Commissioner Harrington Appears Before the Assembly Budget Committee

Over the next several weeks, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and the  Assembly Budget Committee will be conducting their respective budget hearings of all New Jersey state departments.
NJDOE/Schools Development Authority is scheduled to appear before the Assembly Budget Committee on April 24th at 10am; and the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on May 2nd at 10am. 
Assembly Budget Committee Hearing for FY 2018 Budget Review
April 24, 2017  
NJDOE testimony as delivered before the Assembly Budget Committee.
Read the NJDOE's responses to written questions from the Assembly Budget Committee. 
The Education Section of the Office of Legislative Services prepared an Analysis of the NJ Budget Department of Education FY 2018. 
NJ Advance Media for 
By Adam Clark and Carla Astudillo
March 3, 2017
See how much state aid Christie is proposing for each N.J. school district
"The fiscal stability of school districts is now in greater peril," said Richard Bozza, executive director of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators. Read more...

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By Adam Clark 
March 2, 2017
5 things to know about Christie's 2018 education budget 
"School parents and students will be faced with diminished programs and requests for greater out-of-pocket contributions for athletics and co-curricular activities," said Richard Bozza, executive director of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal) Read more...

NJ Spotlight
March 1, 2017
Christie’s School Funding Surprise: Maintain the Status Quo
“Flat funding … exacerbates the financial difficulties which school districts have been wrestling with the past seven years,” said Richard Bozza of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators. “With a shrinking state revenue base due to tax decreases, the fiscal stability of school districts is now in greater peril.”  Read more...

“So now I will make one final offer. In fact, I will make a pledge. I pledge to work with the leaders of the legislature to come up with a new funding formula. Everything is on the table. No idea out of bounds for discussion. I am willing to work with you to solve this problem without any pre-conditions on the ideas brought to the table.
- Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey State Budget Address, February 28, 2017

Fiscal Year 2018 

Budget Address  
Governor Chris Christie’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Address As Prepared for Delivery
Trenton, New Jersey
February 28, 2017 

The Record
February 28, 2017 
By the numbers: Christie's 2018 budget proposal

Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday presented his budget for fiscal 2018, which begins July 1.

A look at the broad strokes of his proposal, which now heads to the Legislature for consideration:


2018 proposed: $35.5 billion
2017 adopted: $34.5 billion
Difference: An increase of $1 billion, or 2.9 percent

About 82 percent of the growth in spending is because of increases in the cost of the state pension system, public employee health benefits and debt service, Treasurer Ford M. Scudder said.

Where the money goes

  • $15.2 billion for state aid (includes school and municipal aid)
  • $10.3 billion for grants-in-aid (includes funding for higher education and New Jersey’s Medicaid expansion)
  • $3.5 billion for executive operations (includes prisons and law enforcement)
  • $2.8 billion for state employee benefits, rent and utilities
  • $2.8 billion for debt service
  • $826 million for the Legislature and Judiciary


  • $2.5 billion for the public employee pension fund, an increase of more than $600 million over the contribution for fiscal 2017 and the largest in state history
  • $13.8 billion for education, an increase of $523 million from 2017, plus $2.2 billion for higher education
  • $1.5 billion for municipal aid, the same amount as in 2017
  • $1 billion for direct property tax relief programs, also flat from 2017
  • $705 million for hospitals, a decrease of $20 million

Source: New Jersey Department of the Treasury