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Support the Development…; Use Technology to Create…; Create a Collaborative Culture that Empowers Teacher Leaders…;


August 2018


Dear NJASA Members,


Four years ago, NJASA and NJPSA embarked on a new partnership to provide a year-long experienceNJLA 5 Brochure of sustained, structured, and meaningful professional learning to educational leaders of all levels.  


Our goal is for leaders to create a meaningful plan for coherent school/district improvement that focuses on best practice while enabling them to meet compliance and growth indicators. 


School leaders participating in NJLA 5 will engage in activities and dialogue to explore strategies to:


  • Support the development of effective social and emotional skills that are essential to giving students a foundation for navigating the complexities of future societal shifts;
  • Use technology to create instructional excellence in every classroom with learning opportunities for students that foster inquiry, problem-solving, and risk-taking;
  • Create a collaborative culture that empowers teacher leaders to support the implementation of diverse learning experiences that prepare students for the future. 

Register Now for NJLA Series 5 LEADing Toward the Future


Course 1 - Developing Socially and Emotionally Healthy Students

Course 2 - Creating Technology Savvy Instruction

Course 3 - Envisioning the Power of Teacher Leadership


For more information please email NJASA Director of Professional Development Frank Borelli.



Richard G. Bozza




Dr. Richard Bozza

NJASA Executive Director