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NJASA Introduces District Leader SEL Health Series


District Leader SEL Health Series

Our goal is to provide a more sustainable form of support for district leaders, attending to the long- term impact of working/living through the pandemic and aftermath. Improving retention, stabilizing districts, and promoting resiliency through the advancement and acceptance of personal growth work at the intersection of organizational health.


  • 4- week psychoeducational/process group (per county) – Note: $100 Registration Fee per person, includes all 4 sessions. Pro rating per session is not an option for this program. Registration will open after the holidays. Please complete the interest form. Link is at the bottom of this page.
  • Monthly ongoing group support (at conclusion of 4 weeks)
  • Email support
  • Free virtual support @ Library - NJASA (



Week One: Stress

An integration of content and process, to stimulate a deep dive into the implications of chronic stress. The goals are to reduce the potential impact of physiological and psychological distress while better equipping you to support your district leadership team.


Week Two: Resilience

An integration of content and process, to stimulate a deep dive into the complexity of resilience. Coping styles of district leaders will be explored along with the introduction of a resilience formula for personal and professional growth. The goals are improved fortitude to promote within your team.


Week Three: Wellness

An integration of content and process, to explore the hidden aspects of health. The intersection of nutrition and emotion is critical for whole person immunity. The goals are to assess the balance of personal care with consideration for a heightened commitment to well-being.


Week Four: Relationships

An integration of content and process, to stimulate a deep dive into the nuances of growing mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. The goal is to heighten contact as a mechanism for reducing stress.


About the Facilitator

Dr. Jared Scherz Dr. Jared Scherz is a clinical psychologist, author, and consultant who has worked with educators for over  30 years. He earned his M.Ed. from Penn State University and became an elementary school counselor before gaining his Ph.D. in psychology. He has created innovative prevention and intervention programs in both rural and inner-city schools.

As the CEO of TeacherCoach, Jared’s mission is to develop educational ecosystems that bring new revenue streams into school districts, make schools the hub of wellness in their community, and blend personal growth and professional development for faculty. Through the first ever Learning Engagement System (LES), districts can meet the needs of both the individual and the organization. For more information about TeacherCoach, email or visit us at





Completing the Interest Form does NOT register you for the Series. Watch for registration info at