Woodbridge Twp. School District

April 22, 2020

Woodbridge Township School District

Dr. Robert Zega, Chief Education Officer


colonia cares  


“And, not too far down the road in neighboring Woodbridge, 11 friends, I think they're all there, from Colonia High School have banded together to create Colonia Cares. Through their website, they're selling yard signs and t-shirts with all the proceeds being turned into gift cards from local businesses, which are then being donated to a local food bank, as well as to Woodbridge Social Services. Now get this. They only started on Saturday and I believe today's Wednesday, and already they've sold 500 pieces from their website. Wow. So to the crew at Colonia Cares, Harrison Brenly, Emily Christie, Jordan Dirkhak, Mia Kruseman, Carrie Leshaque, Nate Momenti, Emily Melendez, Victor Perosi, Antonia Pierce, Jack Riley, and Jose Roberto, we salute you. These are just three of the many, many good news stories across our state, so please continue sharing them with every New Jerseyan through our social media, hashtag, #NJThanksYou.”