Rumson-Fair Haven Regional

April 29

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School

Mrs. Debra Gulick, Chief Education Officer


Bobby Hoye


Let's come up with a picture of a guy who lives not too far from me. First up is Bobby Hoye. There's Bobby. He's a senior at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, where he was also captain, by the way, of the track team. Bobby was training for what would have been his first marathon, the New Jersey Marathon, which was scheduled for this past Sunday. But why let all that training go to waste? Bobby concluded. He decided to run his marathon anyway, in his home, on a treadmill, and to use it as an opportunity to ask friends and family to pledge money to support Jersey Shore University Medical Centers COVID-19 Relief Fund. He enlisted the help of his friend and fellow senior Peyton Ming to help livestream his run. In five hours and 25 minutes and 16 seconds, and nearly $6,000 later, Bobby finished his marathon. He didn't get a finishers medal, unfortunately, but he has our deepest admiration and respect for an extraordinary accomplishment.



And for anyone who's ever run one, two or three miles on a treadmill, as I have on many occasions, that's hard enough. Can you imagine running 26.2 of them? And he did it. So to you Bobby Hoye, and assist to Peyton Ming, congratulations. New Jersey thanks you and go Bulldogs.