Monroe Twp. Middlesex County

May 2

Monroe Township School DistrictMiddlesex County

Dr. Dori Alvich, Chief Education Officer


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First up, 13-year-old, there he is, James Freeman of Monroe Township in Middlesex County. Like many kids his age, his parents give him an allowance for doing his chores around the house. And certainly there's been no lack of those with everyone staying at home. But instead of pocketing his allowance money, James has been using it to buy filament for his 3D printer, which has been turning out ear guards to make wearing a mask more comfortable. He's so far made and donated 500 of them to healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers. And James has even turned down offers to donate money. He's doing this all by himself, one shore at a time. So to you, James, New Jersey, thanks you and I hope your community spirit never, ever, ever dims.