by http://njasa.net/Page/1125
    NJ Education Commissioner Cerf approves the NJASA/NJAPSA 2014 Spring Conference Travel Waiver. School districts will be able to reimburse attendees for overnight lodging at Spring Conference 2014 - May 21-23, 2014.
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  • NJASA and Fuel Education

    by http://www.njasa.net/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=1&ModuleInstanceID=825&ViewID=047E6BE3-6D87-4130-8424-D8E4E9ED6C2A&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=2943&PageID=1
    have joined forces and are proud to present New Jersey Online Learning Services - substantial benefits and discounts are available to NJASA Members. Some Offerings: Personal Finance, Advanced Placement, Hospital and Homebound Education. Explore this option.
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  • When it comes to administrative searches

    by http://www.njasa.net/Page/182
     - Let NJASA Do It! Click to see the unique advantages offered by the NJASA Administrative Search Service!
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  • SHARE911

    by http://www.sharewith911.com/njasa

    NJASA & SHARE911 partner to Bring School Safety Tool to Schools!  NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza said, "The SHARE911 System function offers teachers and others the ability to use smart phones, computers, and iPad tablets to transmit their locations and statuses immediately to officials." 



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  • Check Out NJASA On You Tube!

    by http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNJASA/featured
    Visit the official NJASA Channel on You Tube!
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  • Evaluations Ideal For...

    by http://bit.ly/16bF66L
    Districts Using McRel or Danielson Evaluation Models
    Designed by NJASA and EIRC
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  • New Offering...

    by http://njasa.net//Domain/32

    NJASA in partnership with the NJSBA, is offering a Customized Policy Writing Service as an affordable solution for managing your school district’s policy manual. This has the potential to save your district thousands of dollars on an annual basis! Click to see how to get started!

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  • Visit Us on FACEBOOK!

    by http://njasa.net/fb
    LIKE US and Stay up-to-date with NJASA News and Info! 
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  • Follow Us on Twitter

    by https://twitter.com/NJASANews
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  • ACES Plu$

    by http://bit.ly/1iBJYWf
    Aces Plu$ is the next step in energy cost reduction and environmental sustainability efforts of ACES, NJASA and NJSBA. Click to save!
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  • Latest In NJ Ed. Law Delivered Right To Your Inbox

    by http://bit.ly/1bsA0U7

    Dr. Richard Bozza tells why school attorneysshould subscribe to the NJASA Research Publications Program, acomprehensive service that delivers 3 publications each month.

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