Legislative Updates and Alerts
The NJASA Office of Legislative and Urban Affairs issued the following legislative updates: 
Re: A1429; A1476; A2216; AR74; ACR118
February 11, 2014
Re: S225; S322; S520; S966
January 30, 2014
Re: 2014-15 Assembly & Senate Education Committee Membership
January 28, 2014
Re: A954; A2734; AA3559; A3641; A3935; AJR51; A3997; S3043; S3051; S3072; S3076; S3089; S1127; S1501; S2877; SJR31
December 17, 2013
Re: A4372; A4376; A4385; A4387; A4389; A4360; A4403; A4415; S2086
November 20, 2013
Re: S3038; S3043; S3051; A248; A3292; A3972; AS2458; A2763; S2886; S3031
November 15, 2013
Re: S2981, S2982
October 2, 2013
Re: A4332, A4334, A4345, A4348, S2920, S2944, S2954, S2963, S2973, S2974
September 24, 2013
Re: S2163, A3696
July 18, 2013
May 30, 2013 
Re: A4045, A4058, A4071, A4072, A4085, A4094
May 7, 2013
Re: A3960, A3969, A3972, A3983, A3986, A3989, A3994, A3997, A4008
April 8, 2013
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: A3841, A3850, A3866, S2577
February 25, 2013
Re: A3583, A3813, A3814
February 13, 2013
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: A3738, A3749, A3768, A3774, A3791, S2561, S2562, S2564
February 8, 2013 
Re: A3711, A3713, S2486
January 29, 2013
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: A3691; ACR172/SCR134; S2480; S2481; S2482; S2483
January 16, 2013
Re: A3627, A3631, A3634, A3640, A3641, A3658, S2432, S2438, S2439, S2440, S2441, S2442, S2445
January 11, 2013