Legislative Updates and Alerts
Re: S-801/A-304; S-1895; S-2574; S-1940; S-2574S-1940; S-2574; S-2584; S-2594; S-2601; S-2607; S-2608
December 10, 2014
Re: A-3889; A-3921; A3937; ACR206
December 5, 2014
Re: A-3334/S-2224; A-3335/S-2225; A-3337/S-2228; A-3338/S-2226; A-3339/S-2227; A-3340/S-2229; A-3341S-2230
December 4, 2014
Re: A-304/S-801; A-1286/S-24839; A-1667; A-1796/S-2000; A-3690; S-165; S-1276; S-1687; S-2484; S-2574
December 3, 2014
Re: A-3256; A-3340/S-2229; A-3341/S-2230; A-3845; A-3861; A-3867; S-2318; S-2528; S-2530; S-2556
October 29, 2014
Re: A-3797; A-3807; A-3811; S-2439; S-2476; S-2484; SCR149; A-1667; A-2699; A-3077; A-3341; A-3690; S-2367; S-2439
October 15, 2014
Re: A-3761; A-3769; A-3774; A-3781; ACR195; AR170; A-2581; A-2583; A-2800
October 8, 2014
Re: September 22nd Legislative Action 
September 25, 2014 
Re: A-3334; A-3335; A-3337; A-3338; A-3339; A-3340; A-3341; S-1895; S-1988; S-2224; S-2225; S-2226; S-2227; S-2228; S-2229; S-2230
September 18, 2014
Re: A-1264; A-3567; A-3569; A-3578; A-3601; A-3606; A-3613; A-3617; AR151; AR150; A-679/S-1897
September 16, 2014
Re: A-1029; A-1286; A-3256; A-3360; A-2364; A-373; S-2091
September 12, 2014
Re: A-156/S-1902, A-2641/S-1903, A-2642/S-1908, A-2643/S-1907, A-2642/S-1908, A-2643/S-1907, A-2644/S-1964
August 25, 2014
Re: A-2072 / S-235
August 20, 2014
Re: S-387 / A-1363
August  19, 2014
Re: S-2264
August 12, 2014
Re: S-966 / A-2216
August 11, 2014
Re: S-2317; S-2318; S-2319; S-2347; A-3559; A-3567; A-3569; A-3578; A-3601; A-3606; A-3613
August 6, 2014
Re: A-3500; A-3520; A-3559; AR-145
July 14, 2014
July 8, 2014
Re: S-235; S-300; S-2058; S-2154; S-2176; S-2138; S-2169
June 25, 2014
Re: A-948; A-2072; A-2216; S-966; A-3081; A-3152; S-2079; A-3346
June 17, 2014
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: A-3334; A-3335; A-3337; A-3338; A-3339; A-3340; A-3341; A-3346; A-2346
June 16, 2014
Re: A-3360; A-3373; A-3380; A-3388; A-339/S-2169; AR-134; S-2138; S-2154; S-2160S-2161
June 12, 2014
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: S-125; S-1857; S-1897; A-679/2186 (ACS); S-1903; A-2641; S-1987; S-2032; S-2079; S-2079; S-2091; A-373
June 10, 2014
NJASA Legislative Update
Re: A-2644; S-1964; S-471; A-3268; A-3307; A3312; A-3323; A-3327; A-3346
June 6, 2014
Re: S-1767
June 3, 2014
Re: A-3224; A-3226; A-3247; A-3256; A-3334; A-3335; A-3336; A-3337; A-3338; A-3339; A-3340; A-3341
May 30, 2014
Re: A-304
May 27, 2014
Re: A-2364; S-1985
May 20, 2014
Re: S-225; S-387; S-2079; S-2091; S-2092; S-2094; S-2118
May 14, 2014
Re: S-1985; S-1902; S-1907; S-1908; S-1964; S-322
May 8, 2014
Re: NJASA Members share their thoughts with Senator Ruiz on the NJ QSAC Process
April 25, 2014
Re:The State Pension and Health Benefits Commission Meeting - April 11, 2014
April 14, 2014
Re:Legislative Action
March 31, 2014
Re: S225 Sca; A-156; A-373;  A-1476; A-1796; A-2642; A-2643; A-2644; AJRR56 Aca
QSAC Testimony heard
March 25, 2014
Re: A-2930; A-2740
March 25, 2014
Re: S-1623; S-1627; S-1641; S-1674; S-1676; S-1685; S-1687; S-1688; S-1694; S-1711; S-1728; S-1746; S-1747; S-1753; S-1755; S-1755; S-1759; S-1760; S-1761; S-1762; S-1763; S-1766
March 19, 2014
Re: A-679; A-2186; A-679 & A-2186; A-1796; A-2644; A-2840 / Testimony before Assembly Women & Children Cmte.
March 11, 2014
For Your Information...
March 5, 2014
Re: AR-74; S-322; S-966; S-441; A-1429
February 27, 2014
Re: A-304;  A-373; A-948
February 24, 2014
Re: A-1429; A-1476; A-2216; AR-74; ACR-118
February 11, 2014
Re: S-225; S-322; S-520; S-966
January 30, 2014
Re: 2014-15 Assembly & Senate Education Committee Membership
January 28, 2014