• Evaluating the Resident

    In addition to at least monthly face-to-face meeting, the mentor shall evaluate the candidate at least three times during the residency period for the purpose of recommendation for certification. The purpose of the first two formative evaluations will be diagnostic and the basis for adjusting and tailoring the residency experiences toward the unique needs of the candidate. Each evaluation will be accompanied by a discussion about the contents of the evaluation and signed by the candidate and the mentor. The formative evaluation is submitted to NJASA for monitoring purposes.

    The final summative evaluation is the basis of granting the candidate a standard certification. This summative evaluation references of the following recommendations:

    Approved – A standard certificate will be issued;

    Insufficient – A standard certificate will not be issued but the candidate may be allowed to continue the residency for an additional year or seek another residency; or

    Disapproved – A standard certificate will not be issued and the candidate cannot be allowed to seek, extend or re-enter a residency.

    It is submitted to the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Administrative Training Programs by the mentor to recommend issuance of the standard certification. 

    Mentors act as agents of the State Board of Examiners in formulating their certification recommendations. These recommendations shall not be subject to review or approval by local boards of education. If the candidate receives a disapproved or insufficient in two or more of the summative evaluations, the resident may ask the State Board of Examiners for permission to seek provisional employment in districts other than those where they received the unfavorable recommendation. If the State Board of Examiners disapproves the candidates request the decision may be appealed to the State Board of Education.