• Question: Under what circumstances might the 12 month residency period be reduced or extended?

    Answer: Generally, the SARP is a one year program with two exceptions:

    1. Holders of an SA CE issued under NJAC 6A:9B-12.4 m) and n) will be required to participate in a two year residency program; and
    2. If the mentor determines that a second year of residency is necessary before a recommendation can be made for permanent certification, the mentor shall seek approval from NJASA and the Board of Examiners to extend the residency program accordingly.

                There is no provision for a residency period to be reduced in time. If a resident brings extraordinary experience in another state, the IRP should reflect the idiosyncrasies of NJ with emphasis on NJ education law/code and networks of professional support.


    Question: Why am I required to attend the New Superintendents’ Academy if I am not serving as a superintendent?

    Answer: Keep in mind that the NJSARP is a requirement for the Standard School Administrator Certificate, which authorizes its holder to serve as superintendent of schools. The NSA requirement is designed to provide learning experiences that prepare the resident to successfully serve in that role.


    Question: Does my residency period begin when DOE issues the provisional certificate or when I begin to serve in the position?

    Answer: The 12 month residency period begins with the first meeting between the resident and the mentor.


    Question: How will DOE and NJASA ensure quality of the NJSARP and fidelity to the framework and design?

    Answer: In the interest of continuous improvement, NJASA will review the formative/ summative evaluations and will conduct periodic assessments, referencing the performance of the mentor, the value of the NSA, and the plans to utilize professional networks of support.


    How much does the residency cost?

    Answer: The New Superintendents’ Academy costs $1750 and includes NJASA Legal Publications. That fee is paid upon registering for the program. Mentors are paid $2500 upon completion of the residency period directly by the resident or the sponsoring BOE.


    Do I still have to be evaluated by more BOE since I am in the SARP and will be evaluated by my mentor?

    Yes; the mentor evaluations are strictly related to certification requirements. Each BOE must annually evaluate its superintendent in accordance with NJ law and code.