• An Introduction to NJASA’s Vision 2020 Plan for NJ Education
    What will New Jersey’s public schools look like in the year 2020? Dr. Bozza, Executive Director of NJASA, shares NJASA’s Vision 2020 plan designed to keep New Jersey public schools on top. 
    On Target Special Edition - September 2015 - Read Now!
    Why Do We Need a Vision 2020 Plan?
    Here’s why such a plan is needed. New Jersey consistently ranks as one of the best public education systems in the country. Even so, it’s rare that we find educators, politicians and parents in agreement on how to move forward. This lack of agreement can put our students at risk and jeopardize everything we’ve achieved. Read more here.

    Vision 2020 Video: NJASA’s Plan for Public Education in New Jersey Schools
    Watch our video to learn NJASA’s Vision 2020 plan to keep New Jersey Public School Systems on top. NJASA advocates for children to have the best New Jersey public education system and prepares chief education officers - our school leaders - who have the responsibility to effectively educate all students through this system. Strong school leadership must be supported to address key challenges; our vision for classrooms, standards, culture and the learning environment; and our plan.

    Vision 2020 Brochure