• Committee Structure – The chairperson of the Government Relations Committee is appointed by the NJASA President. The committee consists of twenty-one county representatives.

    Committee Member Role and Responsibilities – The Government Relations shall review and analyze legislative proposals and administrative regulations submitted to it by the Director of Governmental Relations that have an impact on the administration of education or the financial condition of the members. Activities include:

    • adopt a position on a bill or issue for formal disposition by the Executive Committee;
    • initiate and develop NJASA legislative proposals to implement Association goals;
    • coordinate the grass roots legislative activities of the membership;
    • articulate the views of NJASA to legislators through contact by telephone, letter or personal contact where possible;
    • work with the Legislature, the State Board of Education, the public, and the press to promote better understanding of the proper purposes and expectations of administrators in delivering quality education;
    • disseminate legislative information to the membership;
    • provide assistance such as research to legislators and, where appropriate, influence the passage of legislation by presenting the recommendations of NJASA at testimony in hearings or in other venues;
    • develop and recommend for Executive Committee adoption resolutions, position papers and platforms on key educational issues
    • seek input and opinions of members on legislation to better represent their interests;
    • cooperate with other groups interested in education where a community of interest exists; and
    • work with AASA to develop an active federal legislative program.


    Meetings – The Committee shall meet regularly throughout the year on a schedule developed by the Director of Government Relations in consultation with the chairperson.