• April 2021
  • Executive View
  • Learning Without Limits – A Joint Vision for NJ Schooling


    NJASA is proud to announce the release of Learning Without Limits, a joint statement by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA) and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) that guides the work of the two organizations and members in improving educational outcomes for New Jersey students during the decade ahead.

    This vision statement for New Jersey education expands upon the past cooperative efforts of our two associations. We have successfully collaborated on numerous educational programs, policy statements, and legislative advocacy. One of the most noteworthy joint initiatives is the extremely successful Leadership Academy commencing its eighth year providing cutting-edge professional learning that encourages the sharing of expertise across leadership roles and responsibilities.  

    Learning Without Limits is the third iteration of NJASA vision statements for New Jersey Public Education, but the first to be jointly issued with another education leadership group. The initial statement, titled NEW JERSEY’S VISION: World-Class Schools for a Global Economy was proffered in 2007.

    In 2012, NJASA members were solicited to review and update the 2007 plan with an eye toward educating students for the future they would encounter. The committee’s work resulted in the NJASA Vision 2020 released in 2014, emphasizing the importance of effective leadership, challenges for educational leaders, and the association’s vision for public education in 2020 and beyond.  It contained a 12-step plan to address new learning challenges and deliver a world-class educational experience to each child in New Jersey. 

    As 2020 drew closer, I and NJPSA Executive Director Patricia Wright reflected upon the success of our cooperative efforts benefitting district and school leaders in their daily work with students, parents, and community members. An outgrowth of that conversation was a commitment to jointly review NJASA’s Vision 2020 and to outline a new vision for New Jersey public education. A committee comprising members of both groups came together under the leadership of Judith Rattner, NJASA Director of Special Projects, who was a co-chairperson of the Vision 2020 development group. The committee began its work understanding that it was essential to identify the knowledge and competencies required of students to be successful as citizens and contributors throughout their lifetime. This information was seen as a necessary beginning to inform practices which create civil and inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued, and welcomed participants in defining desired learning practices and educational structures.  

    Learning Without Limits identifies four key categories that must be addressed to continually transform the educational system: Environment, Classrooms, Culture, and Standards. It embraces a “Vision to Limitless Learning” supported by 13 comprehensive steps to address new learning challenges and deliver a world-class educational experience to every child in New Jersey. It lists eight key factors promoted by our members to achieve the desired outcomes for our students. 

    The plan defines success when students graduate with:

    • A persistent and passionate mind;
    • The curiosity to continually ask questions and perform “what if” experiments;
    • The passion and perseverance to pursue and achieve their long-term goals; and
    • The ability to imagine the world they want to live in and the skills to create it. 


    I express my gratitude to the members of the joint committee for contributing their enthusiasm, knowledge, and insight in creating our shared vision:





    Ms. Sarah L. Bilotti

    Mr. J. Kenyon Kummings

    Dr. David M. Miceli

    Ms. Judith Rattner, Chair


    Ms. Karen A. Bingert

    Mr. John T. Farinella Jr.

    Ms. Heather Moran

    Ms. Patricia Wright


    I encourage all our members to read Learning Without Limits and to incorporate its goals and actions in your daily practice.



    Richard G. Bozza, Ed.D.

    NJASA Executive Director