• NJASA Legal Department Research Services - April 2019


    Advances in technology have arguably led to greater efficiency, productivity, and reductions in the cost of doing business. In an effort to assist local government units in realizing efficiencies in procurement of goods and services, New Jersey has enacted the Local Unit Electronic Procurement Act. The April 2019 Administrative Guide discusses the new law and its application to public school districts. 


    In addition, the School News Briefs reviews four new cases including one in which the Appellate Division ruled that a special education teacher did not acquire tenure by working in an after-school alternative education program and, therefore, the board did not violate the teacher’s rights when it assigned another teacher to replace her in the program. 


    The April 2019 Impact on Negotiations also reviews four new cases. In one case, the Appellate Division ruled that a contractual provision that granted employees extra sick days for each year of service was preempted by N.J.S.A. 18A:30-6, and the association could not, therefore, grieve the denial of a member’s request for extra sick days.


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