• NJASA Legal Department Research Services - November 2023

    Beginning on July 3, 2023, New Jersey’s sick leave statute was amended and has expanded the scope of eligible employees’ permitted uses of sick leave. Part one of this Administrative Guide series discussed the new sick leave law, other provisions of the New Jersey sick leave statute, and relevant case law interpreting those provisions. Part two continues the discussion with a review of rules on the accumulation of sick leave, the verification of the use of sick leave, and relevant case law.

    The School News Briefs reviews two new cases, including one in which the New Jersey Supreme Court held that a board of education may be liable under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination for sexual assault against a student committed on a school bus by an aide, who was a sexual predator employed by a bus company, and the aide’s intent to discriminate is irrelevant.

    The November Special Education Bulletin discusses three new cases including one in which a district acted improperly in suspending a special education student for ten days because it had already imposed a lunch detention for the same incident, and it had no new evidence to impose the suspension.


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