• NJASA Legal Department Research Services - August 2019


    Child sexual abuse continues to be far more prevalent than many people realize. In fact, it is school personnel who identify approximately 50% of child abuse incidents. This Administrative Guide review and address a number of laws that were recently enacted to address child sexual abuse within and outside the schools, including a new law that requires training for prospective teachers. 


    In addition, the School News Briefs reviews three new cases including one in which a divided New Jersey Supreme Court affirmed the Appellate Division decision holding that a student record is not subject to disclosure under OPRA, even if all personally identifiable information is redacted, because it retains its protected status under state law.


    The August 2019 Impact on Negotiations reviews four new cases including one in which multiple boards of education were found to have committed unfair practices by failing to provide unions with employees’ names in conjunction with the employees’ level of health insurance coverage and corresponding cost of coverage.


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