• NJASA Legal Department Research Services - September 2017

    Chief School Administrators are usually at the center of personnel and labor-relations issues. Occasionally, decisions or actions made by the CSA can lead to disputes with the local association. School boards and their administrators are prohibited from committing any “unfair practice” against an employee organization or against individual employees. In order to aid school administrators in avoiding disputes with their local association, this Administrative Guide will be the first in a series discussing Unfair Practice Charges. 

    In addition, School News Briefs reviews two new cases including one in which the Appellate Division held that the State Comptroller’s office is not required to disclose its reasons for selecting a board of education for a performance audit.

    The September 2017 Special Education Bulletin reviews two cases including one in which the parent’s request for independent evaluations were denied because the local district’s evaluations were appropriate.

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