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    Every effort has been made to develop an efficient index of relevant subjects. Therefore, you should first select a primary topic. After locating your subject, you will find one or more Administrative Guide titles chronologically listed. Please note, as this index refers to Guides published since 1990, it is important that you consult to the most recently published edition. The sequence of numbers preceding the title references the month and year of that particular Administrative Guide issue.


    Example: You need to find information on student use of alcohol. When searching for the subject heading “alcohol,” the Index directs you to “See:  Controlled Substances.” Under the subject heading “CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES” appears an issue titled “Programs, Policies, and Procedures for the Intervention and Prevention of Student Abuse of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Harmful Drugs.” The number series which precedes the title (07/17) references the month and year of the issue, i.e., July 2017.


    You should be aware that any guidelines or interpretations suggested are contingent upon the prevailing statutes of the New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Title 18A and the provisions of the New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6. And, while we make every attempt to address pertinent and timely issues, the topics discussed are continuously subject to change by the Legislature, courts and state departments. Should you have any question as to any issue’s relevance, please consult with NJASA’s legal staff or your board attorney.


    We hope you find this reference useful and invite your comments and suggestions. Thank you for your continued support of the NJASA Research Publications Program.