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      "NJASA: School Leaders Dedicated to Advancing New Jersey's Public Education"  

    NJASA has been supporting both public education and school leaders in New Jersey, for more than seven decades. As the unifying professional association of school leaders, we ensure a superior statewide system of education by influencing and effecting educational policy, regulations and legislation; and by maximizing the capacity and effectiveness of school leaders through professional development programs and support services. By becoming a member, you can be a part of the success!

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      Dr. Deborah M. Harvest "Membership in NJASA has provided me with the knowledge, professional development and support to understand and stay current with our rapidly changing educational climate. Our voices and thoughts are valued and assist in creating and implementing pedagogical policy and practice within our state."    
      Dr. Deborah M. Harvest
    Assistant Superintendent
    East Orange School District
      Dr. Matthew J. Murphy "NJASA has allowed me the opportunity to continue to grow as an instructional leader for my district. The support and collegiality over the years have been invaluable to me. I highly recommend that all central office administrators consider joining NJASA."    
      Dr. Matthew J. Murphy
    Ramsey Public Schools
      Dr. Scott Rocco "As a superintendent, we advocate for our students, staff, and district. Being a member of NJASA, provides great possibilities for superintendents to connect and work with their colleagues on local, state, national, and global educational issues."    

    Dr. Scott R. Rocco
    Chief Education Officer
    Hamilton Township,
    Mercer County

      Kristen K. Williams "NJASA is an invaluable resource to school leaders. The Association provides quality professional development, services, and resources that graciously support school's leaders as we maneuver the diverse responsibilities and challenges present in today's world."    
      Kristin K. Williams
    Chief School Administrator
    Mannington Township School