New Jersey School Administrator Residency
    Mentor Training


    The NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) has assigned NJASA with the responsibility to administer the School Administrator Residency Program (SARP) in accordance with its requirements.

    Since the program relies heavily upon the role of the mentor, NJASA conducts annual training sessions, leading to NJDOE authorization as a mentor. To qualify for training, individuals must: 

    1.      Have served a minimum of five years under the Standard School Administrator Certificate as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, or director;

    2.      Be current with New Jersey policy and practice as evidenced by having been engaged in New Jersey schools for at least three of the past five years;

    3.      Offer positive influence on student achievement and the use of data-driven decision making;

    4.      Have demonstrated commitment to student success;

    5.      Demonstrate a commitment to provide personal time and attention to a resident superintendent.

    The two-day training program is designed to ensure that mentors will:

    Understand the certification requirements for school administrators and the critical role of the mentor in that process.

    Gain information and updates on recent requirements, regulations and legal issues that have a significant impact on school administrators.

    Understand the conceptual framework and program design

    Assimilate the DOE and NJASA expectations of mentors

    Apply the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders as applied to the 11 Domains of Practice

    Discuss criteria for high quality mentoring and roles to avoid be familiar with resources and mentor support services

    Register the on-line profile to be used to match with residents

    Training announcements are sent to NJASA members in advance. Questions should be directed to kzega@njasa.net or mstanwood@njasa.net