•  Launching NJASA Executive Coaching         

    Executive coaching has become an essential leadership tool for professionals across various industries, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. However, one profession that has been overlooked in executive coaching is education. Recognizing this gap, NJASA is pleased to introduce a new executive coaching service tailored specifically for New Jersey school district leaders who have completed the residency program and are ready for a highly personalized experience to support and advance individual and team capacity.  


    The benefits of executive coaching for district leaders are many. Coaching provides a safe and confidential forum for superintendents to reflect on their leadership and identify areas for growth. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, district leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to leverage their strengths and develop strategies to address their weaknesses. 


    Additionally, executive coaching helps school district leaders enhance their leadership skills. NJASA coaches work closely with district leaders to develop their ability to inspire and motivate their teams, foster a positive and inclusive school culture, and effectively manage change within their districts. By honing their skills, superintendents can create an environment that promotes student success and district improvement. From managing conflicts to making tough decisions, NJASA coaches offer practical guidance and support, helping leaders develop the skills, resilience, and adaptability needed to thrive in their roles. 


    The NJASA coaching experience also emphasizes the importance of self-care and work-life balance. Superintendents often face elevated levels of stress and burnout due to the demanding nature of their jobs. Through our coaching sessions, superintendents will learn strategies to manage their workload effectively, prioritize self-care, and support a healthy work-life balance. By taking care of their own well-being, superintendents can better serve their districts and communities. 


    This new executive coaching service for school superintendents aims to fill a crucial gap in education. By supplying tailored coaching and support, NJASA aims to empower superintendents to excel in their roles, enhance their leadership skills, and navigate the complex challenges they face. NJASA believes that investing in the professional development of superintendents will ultimately lead to improved student outcomes and overall district success.  


    NJASA Executive Coaches are experienced, dedicated, and distinguished superintendents with a fervent desire to pay it forward. They are all mentors in the NJ School Administrators Residency Program and are continuing their training in the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard for executive coaching. We are excited to embark on this journey and look forward to partnering with superintendents to unlock their full potential. 


    Executive Coaching is Not Mentoring 

    Mentoring of school and district administrators in New Jersey is tied to New Jersey state certification requirements. The NJ School Administrator Residency Program holds mentoring at the center of the induction experience. Mentoring is focused on supporting first-time superintendents and other central office leaders on the leadership and management tasks at hand. Grounded in the Professional Standards for Educational Leadership and organized around 11 domains of practice, the mentor's role is to supply just-in-time advice, expertise, and solutions.  


    Executive coaching is tailored to individual clients. The agenda is decided by the client and is based on the client's experience and reflections on their strengths and weaknesses in their work and role. Executive coaching is experiential and a highly personalized process to support and advance individual or team capacity to support the strategic goals of the school district. 


    How Will It Work? 

    The NJASA Executive Coaching process is designed to be accessed over 8-to-12-months, with at least 20 hours of face-to-face virtual, in person, or telephone time.  


    Applications are submitted to me, Dr. Mark Stanwood, Director, NJ School Administrator Residency Program. They should include the client's name, position, and school district, a brief narrative of the reasons for seeking the support of an executive coach, and a résumé that will illustrate previous leadership experience. Once accepted, NJASA will invoice the client and coaching will begin after payment is received. 


    Resumes of three coaches will be given for consideration by the client. Clients are encouraged to discuss their coaching needs with their prospective coach before the selection. 


    For more information, please email me at mstanwood@njasa.net.