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  • New Requirements for Teacher Mentoring and Induction Support

    The State BOE has adopted new rules for the mentoring and induction support of new teachers. These rules are aligned with the TEACHNJ Act of 2012 and InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. Superintendents are required to implement a system of differentiated supports for new and novice teachers, based on their individual teacher preparation and experience, district and school PD plans, and goals of the district and school.

    Mentoring programs will include comprehensive induction to school district policies and procedures e.g. curriculum, assessment, evaluation rubrics, SGO’s; opportunities for novice teachers to observe effective practice; and prescriptive confidential guidance and support.

    The regulations specify that the superintendent (not a professional development committee) shall be responsible for the ultimate design and development of the district mentoring plan, as well as determining implementation logistics. The superintendent submits the plan to the School Improvement Panel (ScIP), which oversees the implementation. And, the superintendent is responsible for the oversight of selection, training, and assignment of mentors.

    The BOE is required to review the plan for its fiscal impact, however, the new rules do not require BOE approval.
    Annually, by July 1, the superintendent signs and submits to the county office a Statement of Assurance (SOA) regarding the mentoring plan for the following year. The first SOA is due July 1, 2014.

    The DOE has updated its website to provide support and assistance as we implement this new policy. Please review it for important details: