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  • Vision 2020 is Our Stake in the Ground!

    We began our discussion of leadership back in September. And thus far, we discussed the literary depictions of leadership, the theoretical aspects of leadership and leadership in action. We explored why leadership is important and showed that it can have a profound effect on an organization. We also identified traits that all good leaders have. I now find that I am back to the subject that started this series of articles – Our Vision 2020 plan.

    NJASA gathered several generations of educational leaders to review current literature, identify best practices and engage in energetic debate. The hope is that we would identify some core principles that current leaders could use as a reference point for their actions.

    It is also a procedural document. It created a blueprint that local leaders can use in project management and decision making. The steps used to create the finished product may be emulated in every district in order to involve stakeholders in a process. And, the outcome, though not perfect, is a good one. It addresses needs, vision, values and challenges. It lays out a plan and identifies a method for determining if the plan is achieved.

    I believe that the document can serve as a guide during the continued turbulent times we face. The transition from NCLB to ESSA will be an interesting ride. I expect that clear, concise guidance will take a long time to reach our desks. I suspect that our districts will be influenced by the outcome of the national and state elections. I believe that as superintendents, we will be forced to act to bring some order for our students, staff and communities.

    I have confidence that we can provide the leadership that is lacking in these political debates. Vision 2020 is our stake in the ground. We must promote it, nurture it and allow it to evolve to meet the needs of the New Jersey educational community. And, we must do so with “One Vision – One Voice”.