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    I hope you and your families had a peaceful, positive and productive summer in preparation for what is likely to be another very eventful school year! With a national and gubernatorial election in the forefront this fall there has never been a more important time for your voice in New Jersey.

    This year NJASA is building on a theme. Last year’s President, Mr. Patrick Fletcher, brought us “One Vision… One Voice!” and this year I am looking to expand on that as each of us lend our own voice to the equation. Our 2016-17 theme is “One Vision… Our Voice!” Now is the time for each of us to speak up and speak out on what public education should be in the state of New Jersey. Our voice as school administrators should be the driving force and the one looked to as the foundation for future success in public education.

    As you plan for the upcoming school year take a moment to write a letter of introduction or simply to reconnect and follow up with an individual meeting with your legislators. Utilize your roundtable or a committee of its members to organize talking points, generate letters or perhaps organize a series of meetings with local, state or federal stakeholders to ensure our voice is presented.

    Our Executive Director, Dr. Bozza, his team at NJASA, and the officers past and present have done an outstanding job in establishing their voice at the state table. They have persisted in developing relationships, exhibiting patience, showing a willingness to partner, holding firm where our principles require it and being willing to compromise where compromise makes sense. Let’s follow their example and ensure that our individual voices are there to support this most important work! 

    NJASA’s voice lies in you! Together, as leaders,  we can make 2016-17 the year where we truly regain leadership control in our life’s work – preparing students for their success in college, university, the military, as employees, citizens, and ultimately to drive the future success of New Jersey and our Country.

    Thank you in advance for the great work I know you will do this year and if NJASA, the officers, or me specifically can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes for a great year!