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  • outgoing message G. K. Greene


    Dear Colleagues:


    As this school year draws to a close, I want to offer my thanks to so many who have given me so much.


    I thank my #NewtonStrong students and community for showing your true selves and demonstrating competency in the standards that really matter: achievement in the face of challenges, excellence as an expectation, the power of diversity, and the value of care. You are second to none, and I am proud to serve as your superintendent.


    I thank the Association members who stepped forward as committee chairs, county representatives, and roundtable officers. Your service keeps us relevant, vibrant, and effective. A special thanks goes to those of you who helped bring our NJASA 4 Equity beliefs to life. We have laid a strong foundation as our guiding light, and we need to keep that flame burning brightly by taking actions that turn the promise into reality.


    I thank Rich Bozza for his leadership and his fabulous staff for their hard work and timely assistance. Recently, the Association recognized those individuals with over thirty years of service to NJASA: Charlotte Duthie (40 years), Libby DeNorchia (39 years), Ann Cahill (37 years), Anne Gallagher (32 years), and Ginger Thompson (30 years). Please join me in thanking them for their steadfastness and productivity over their careers thus far.


    I thank our officer team of Scott Rocco, Margaret Dolan, Janet Fike, and Mike Kuchar for their loyal support and wise counsel this year. I look forward to working with you again next year to continue using our voice to achieve a vision of equity for all New Jersey students.


    And I thank all of you for allowing me to serve as your president. This time as an officer has provided me with rewarding learning experiences from interacting with so many talented educational leaders across the state. You are truly special people who do unsung but incredibly meaningful work on behalf of your children and communities. Thank you for sharing yourselves.


    Here’s wishing you all a safe, healthy, and peaceful summer. 




    Dr. G. Kennedy Greene

    Outgoing NJASA President