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    The SHARE911 Network Reduces Response Time.

    In a major step forward for emergency preparedness and school safety, NJASA & The SHARE911Network have partnered to bring a school safety tool to schools!  

    NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza said, "The SHARE911 Network function is extremely beneficial and certainly prepares New Jersey’s learning environments for the unexpected. The ability for teachers and others to use smart phones, computers and iPad tablets to transmit their locations and statuses immediately to school, local and police officials is extremely valuable for all New Jersey residents.”

    As CEO of The SHARE911 Network and a first-responder for over 28 years, I can tell you, “Since Newtown, CT, school districts across the state have been increasingly more focused on protecting their students and staff. Working with the NJASA enables every district in New Jersey to bring this ground-breaking school safety tool to their schools.” 

    On January 7, 2014, the FBI released a report which stated that the median amount of time it will take police to arrive at an active shooting event is three minutes from the time of dispatch. 

    Traditionally, in most schools, those three minutes (or more) are spent with teachers and students in lockdown, out of the line of sight, sitting as silently as possible to avoid detection. Simultaneously, police spend those three minutes (or more) getting to the school, gearing up and then commencing a search of the entire building for a threat and mitigate that threat if found.

    The SHARE911 Network enables your school staff to use their three minutes more efficiently, by showing those same police officers where they need to go before they get there. Whether you have 100 people or 1,000 people in the building, they can all use The SHARE911 Network simultaneously, right from their existing computer, tablet or mobile device, to Check-In and share their status, exact location, headcount, a message and even report missing students in real-time. First Responders can see this information in real-time and so can school administrators, helping them manage an event and account for all staff and students.

    “When I first learned about The SHARE911 Network from a colleague, I invited Erik Endress to visit our district to meet with a team of administrators, teachers, and board members. It was unanimous that this service was something we had to have in our district” said David Browne, Superintendent of Randolph Township Public Schools. “We have always had the philosophy that the best approach to school security is to deploy as many layers of people and things as comprehensively as possible. One without the other diminishes the effectiveness of both, and The SHARE911 Network is a remarkably cost effective and indispensable ‘thing’ in our district.” 

    “In the event of an actual security event, the speed with which law enforcement and school administration is notified and mobilized can be the most critical factor in mitigating a threat” said Browne. “While security cameras are nice to have, they're more effective as evidence gathering tools than as a preventive measure. They're also truly valuable for prevention only if someone undistracted by any other responsibilities is assigned to watch images exclusively, something few districts can staff.”

    Unlike other products which require the purchase of hardware or installation of wiring and equipment, The SHARE911 Network enables every computer and "smart" device in the district to be leveraged as a security device. In Randolph,  over 700 employees can use their computer, tablet or own mobile device to simultaneously lock down or evacuate any facility, notifying all staff, administrators and law enforcement in seconds. 

    “In one recent event, happily a false alarm, our local police department was able to arrive in less than one minute to one of our buildings, in numbers far greater than any other protocol could possibly have enabled” said Browne. “The team of professionals at The SHARE911 Network has also been responsive to our desire to customize aspects of their service for our district, and have worked in harmony with our security team and with local and county police officials. Our deployment of The SHARE911 Network has made over 5000 students and 700 staff members safer every minute of every day, and I anticipate a long and successful partnership with the people at The SHARE911 Network to keep our schools as safe as possible.” 

    Schools across New Jersey and around the country are on The Share911 Network.  The company provides a Basic Network at no charge up to 500 employees and a full-featured Enterprise Network for just $3 per employee, per month. 
    To learn how your district can join The SHARE911 Network or to schedule a free presentation, click here.