• September 2014
  • NJ Online Learning Services
  • Expanding Learning Opportunities
    for NJ Students
    with Online and Blended Course Options
    NJ Online Learning Services (NJOLS) is a new program offering from NJASA that provides an online learning options to NJ schools and students in the high school grades. In conjunction with the national leader in online course delivery (K12), NJ Online Learning Services provides a substantial menu of online courses that NJ schools and students can choose from to meet their academic needs.  Online offerings include high school level courses in the core academic areas, world languages, various electives, AP® courses, and credit recovery options.

    NJASA Online Learning Services is not a diploma granting program, nor are we a "school."  The courses that students enroll in through this program supplement a student’s program of study at their local school.  Here are few examples of how NJASA Online Learning Services can benefit your students:

    ·      A student may wish to take an course their local school does not offer.

    ·      A student may wish to enroll in an online course because of scheduling conflicts at the local school.

    ·      A student may be home bound or hospital bound due to an illness and wish to remain on schedule and graduate on time. 

    ·     A student may wish to enroll in an online course for credit recovery when the student has already failed the course and needs to regain the credit.

    ·      A student may wish to enroll in an online course due to personal preference and interest.

    Our online course offerings allow students the flexibility to begin courses throughout the year.  All courses offered by are taught by NJ-certified instructors and the curriculum is aligned to NJ curriculum standards.

    To learn more about NJOLS, please visit our website.

    We also host free monthly webinars on various digital learning topics.  Please visit https://www.njasa.net/Page/1071 to view the webinar schedule and to register for the session(s) that you may be interested in.