• Sept 2015
  • Incoming_Pres_msg
  • Dear Colleagues:
    It is my pleasure to welcome the members of NJASA to the 2015-2016 school year. I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president and hope that I will continue the good work of our past presidents. In keeping with that idea, I am pleased to introduce our Association’s theme for the New Year – “One Vision – One Voice.”
    NJASA, during the last two years, has explored the effect leadership has on local public schools. The inescapable conclusion is that strong, consistent leadership creates an environment that encourages student achievement to improve. Leadership provides stability when the winds of reform blow through our communities and this; in turn, allows our professional staff to remain focused on the students. Strong leadership also fosters trust in the schools by the community at large.
    During the last three years, NJASA developed a document called Vision 2020. This effort describes what we believe is the direction our public schools should go in over the next few years. It provides very clear, achievable objectives for our local and state leaders. It is now up to us as individuals and members of a professional organization to support this effort. We must have “One Vision” that we promote with “One Voice.”
    The time has come for us to engage our elected leadership in a meaningful discussion about the future of public education. It is time for us to advocate for concepts that we know are successful and ideas that we know can be successful.  We must influence the public debate instead of letting it influence us. I encourage you to begin this process by sharing our vision with your local legislators by inviting them to a County Roundtable. If they are unable to attend, then please send them a copy of the Vision 2020 document.
    Let us all speak clearly with one voice. Good luck with the successful start to the New Year.

    Patrick Fletcher
    NJASA Incoming President 2015-2016