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    "Thank You!"


    Have you ever thought about the power of these two words? These nine characters that can be repeated 15.5 times in a tweet have unlimited potentials.

    My first "Thank You" is to you my colleagues, the members of NJASA. Your networking, support, and commitment to always put the interests of the children first speaks volumes about your moral fiber. I am honored to have served as your President.

    My second "Thank You" is to my fellow officers: President-Elect Dr. Michael Kuchar; Secretary Dr. G. Kennedy Greene; Treasurer Dr. Scott Rocco; Immediate Past-President Mr. Patrick J. Fletcher; and our Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza. Your commitment, guidance, and determination have fortified NJASA as a major force in the educational community of New Jersey. 

    My third "Thank You" is to my Board of Education. Your support of my presidency reinforces your dedication to advancing education in New Jersey.

    My fourth "Thank You" is to all the NJASA members that have served on the Association’s Executive Committee; as County Affiliate Presidents; as Chairs of the numerous NJASA Committees; and as members of the respective NJASA Committees.  Separately and collectively, the Committees examined the issues and articulated NJASA’s positions with positive outcomes for the enhancement of New Jersey’s educational system. The amount of time and effort you devoted during this past year is commendable!

    My fifth "Thank You" is to the NJASA staff. Under the tutelage of our Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza, the staff continually delivers membership services that are first-class.

    My sixth "Thank You" is to my wife and family. Your encouragement of my chosen career as a school leader is most welcome.

    Having thanked everyone that furthers the New Jersey educational agenda, I would like to offer my endorsement of the Association’s 2017-2018 leadership team: President Dr. Michael Kuchar; President-Elect Dr. G. Kennedy Greene; Secretary Dr. Scott Rocco; Treasurer Dr. Margaret Dolan; Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza; and myself as the Immediate Past-President. I know these school leaders will continue to build upon the accomplishments we achieved last year.

    Again, "Thank You" to all for a job well-done.



    Scott P. McCartney, Ed.D.  

    Dr. Scott McCartney, Outgoing NJASA President 2016-2017