On Target June 2018
  • Outgoing Presidents Message

  • Outgoing President's Message 


    Dear Colleagues:

    As we come to the end of another school year, it is an opportune time to say thank you.


    There are so many people to thank for a year. Thank you to all the chief education officers and school leaders for your leadership and guidance. Your hours of hard work and dedication are most appreciated.


    Thank you to all our dedicated instructional and non-instructional staff. Serving as our students’ daily primary contacts, we value your efforts in going the extra mile.


    Thank you to all our students. Your eagerness to learn, your inquisitive questions, and your wide-eyed participation are most rewarding and uplifting.


    Thank you to all our parents/guardians. Your support and interest in advancing the quality of education in our Garden State is commendable.


    On behalf of NJASA, I congratulate all our pre-K-12 students on their respective graduations and wish them the best in their next life transition.


    Thank you to our respective board of education members. Your service to our communities is instrumental in advancing New Jersey’s educational goals.


    Thank you to NJASA and its membership for your work to develop New Jersey’s educational agenda. Your relentless drive to improve and enhance the quality of education is admirable.


    I want to extend a special thanks to Team NJASA. Our Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza does an excellent job of fortifying NJASA as a major force in the educational landscape of New Jersey.


    Finally, thank you to my fellow NJASA Officers: President-Elect Dr. G. Kennedy Greene; Secretary Dr. Scott Rocco; Treasurer Dr. Margaret Dolan; and Immediate Past-President Dr. Scott P. McCartney. Your commitment to serving as statewide representatives reinforces your dedication to improve New Jersey’s educational quality.


    We all come from different parts of the state that represent the diversities within our communities, but we all have in common a goal – we all support New Jersey public education.


    Kudos and again thank you to everyone for the exceptional job we do.


    Have a great summer.



    Dr. Michael Kuchar

    NJASA President 2017-2018