• September 2018

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    Introducing – A New Look for the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits


    Our Story

    The New Jersey Division of Pensions & Benefits (NJDPB) recognizes that retirement is more than just reaching a certain age or working so many years. The road to retirement involves planning, and employees are taking greater interest in learning more about their benefits and how to prepare for their future.



    Life can also have detours and road blocks along the way. In addition to your retirement, we administer a range of benefits and services that are important to you throughout your career. The NJDPB is there to provide guidance when you are navigating significant changes in your employment and family status.


    Our New Look

    The employee benefits landscape is ever-changing, and having a clear understanding of your employee benefits is now more important than ever.


    Throughout 2018, we will be simplifying and refining our website and the information we provide so it is easier for you to locate and understand.


    We invite you to “Explore Your Benefits” in order to help you better understand all of your options, so you can make the right choices for you and your family.


    Our Pledge

    Although we have a new look, “We’ve (still) Got You Covered” and our mission remains the same: to provide supportive and trustworthy service to you throughout your career and retirement.  


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