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Partnership Corner November 2019
  •  NESLI Partnership Furthers NJASA's 4 Equity Mission   


    NESLI Partnership  On behalf of the Association, I am excited to announce NJASA has entered a strategic partnership with the National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI), to offer holistic Women in Education Leadership Programs and School Staff Well-being to educators, school and district leaders, and institutions.


    Designed specifically to address gender and racial inequities in school leadership, NESLI offers two main programs for women educational leaders: The Women's School Leadership Program (WSLP) designed for building-level leaders; and The Women's Executive Leadership Program (WELP) designed for district-level leaders. Additionally, affinity cohorts for Latina and Black women educational leaders are available when applicants self-select these options.


    NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza notes, "Finding NESLI’s research-based solutions - which have been used by educators around the world for nearly two decades and customized specifically for the U.S. and Canada - enables NJASA not only to reinvent the wheel but to double down on our commitment to innovative professional learning opportunities for our hard-working members while also focusing on our commitment to nurturing wellness, retention and equity."


    NESLI provides world-class online leadership development programs for educational leaders at every level. Globally developed and holistically inclined, NESLI's programs are catalysts for leaders who want to engage in a deep exploration of their own strengths and challenges as they relate to leadership within the context of their school. Working collaboratively throughout the program, participants co-construct their learning journey through sharing their insights and experiences. The program equips participants with the skills and confidence to lead more effectively and accelerate their own career progression. Additionally, the program assists female leaders to create powerful, life-long professional networks.


    The WSLP Program

    The WSLP is an integrated development program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective leadership within the schooling context. This faculty led interactive online course is suitable for all current and aspiring school leaders and can be completed outside of regular school hours. See program details.


    The WELP Program

    The WELP represents a unique opportunity for executive female school leaders to extend their leadership capacity and create powerful, lasting connections with dynamic, like-minded women in school districts across the country. This program promotes the opportunity for women to come together to network, be inspired and empowered in leadership growth and development. NESLI is delighted to provide this important initiative which in addition to enabling real outcomes for individual leaders, represents a meaningful contribution to the realization of gender equality in relation to formal leadership practice within the education sector.​ See program details.


    School Staff Well-Being Toolkit

    The Staff Well-Being Toolkit is a group development platform designed to help schools create a professional climate which is conducive to the optimal health and well-being of all staff. The only program of its kind, the Staff Well-Being Toolkit assists individuals to proactively manage their own well-being and provides strategies for professional communities to better understand and support each other.


    Damien Farrell, CEO of NESLI, added: “Our mission is about personal empowerment for educators - to help them feel more supported professionally and personally - as well as to train thousands more women worldwide for leadership roles at a building and district level. We’re thrilled to partner with NJASA so that more educators - and their schools, students and communities - can benefit sooner from the great resources in our School Staff Well-Being Toolkit and Women in Education School Leadership Program.”


    Scholarships Available

    For a limited time, NESLI is offering a $750 scholarship for our Women in Education programs, which represents a 40% discount off the $1250 standard price of the program. Accordingly, school principals and school and district leaders are encouraged to nominate a female member of staff for consideration in the program. Your nominated staff member will be contacted by a NESLI Scholarship Liaison Officer to assess their eligibility for the program. Successful candidates will experience world standard leadership development training and inspire the wider female population in their school community. More details click here.


    Act Now

    As always, if you have any questions, email me or call me at 609-599-2900, ext. 122. If you are nominating yourself or a colleague, please include the following details.


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