• Create a Brighter Future

    I am writing to express my support for character education and organizations that support and recognize schools that promote positive student behavior and foster social, emotional, and character development.


    In today's post-pandemic world, the need for these programs has never been greater. The pandemic has disrupted the lives of students and teachers in countless ways, and it is essential that we do everything we can to help them recover and thrive. By recognizing schools that are doing outstanding work in this area, we can help to highlight best practices and encourage other schools to follow suit.


    Moreover, research has shown that there is a direct connection between a positive school culture and school safety. When students feel supported and valued, they are less likely to engage in harmful behaviors. By promoting character development, we can help to create safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments where students can thrive.


    In conclusion, I strongly encourage you to support the character educations, and to promote the importance of social, emotional, and character development in education. With your help, we can create a brighter future for our students and our schools.


    Thank you, 

    Tony Trongone

    2022-2023 NJASA President