• The scope of responsibilities in the office of superintendent is extraordinary, ranging from curriculum, instruction, and assessment to business and operations, human resources, and complex organizational cultural issues. And few of us arrive at the office equipped to understand and solve the complexities of the broad range of tasks at hand. 


    A fundamental underpinning of the NJASA professional development design is members helping members. The New Superintendents Academy, Power of Professional Learning Series, Human Resources Series, women’s leadership events, Executive Administrative Assistants series, and executive coaching are all grounded in this concept. We rely on one another to succeed.


    Building on that foundation, NJASA has designed a network of experienced volunteers who have agreed to field questions and offer assistance, guidance, and advice to members. In September, all members of NJASA were invited to self-report their extraordinary experiences from a long checklist of administrative tasks. The result is the NJASA Advisory Network, a spreadsheet listing those individuals and their contact information. Please note that the advisory network is based on self-reporting by NJASA members.


    Members are encouraged to review the network and call upon colleagues who have offered to advise and consult on complex issues. Users can access the spreadsheet here, download it as an Excel file, and search by task.


    NJASA sincerely appreciates the generous spirit of the 99 members who have volunteered to serve as a resource to our entire membership. As our members use this new resource, we welcome feedback and recommendations for improvement. Please email them to Dr. Mark Stanwood, Director , NJ School Administrator Residency Program.