• September 2017

  • Executive View
  • What Does Back-to-School Mean to You?

    "Neal Whitman blogs at Literal-Minded, where he writes about linguistics in everyday life from the point of view of a husband and father."

    I recently had the opportunity to reread a 2009 article he wrote titled, “The Nouning of Back to School.” What caught my attention was a 1961 LA Times headline he referenced that read, "September Means Back-to-School for Adults as Well as Children."

    The message in the LA Times was clear to me – Back-to-School does not just apply to our school students. Adults also go Back-to-School and today, I want to focus on the value and benefits you will reap by going Back-to-School through NJASA Professional Development programs.

    One of the most valuable benefits a school leader gains through NJASA membership is developing a network of professional peers throughout the state. Participation in NJASA Professional Development activities with colleagues increases your knowledge, develops your skills, expands your professional contacts, and energizes you to engage in the important work of enhancing student accomplishments.

    If you are wondering what NJASA Professional Development offerings will meet your needs, I suggest you consider the following offerings provided through the NJASA Foundation (New Jersey School Administrators Education and Research Foundation):

    One-Day Seminar Series:  Nine, one-day seminars on challenging topics such as: board relations; multi-tiered systems of supports; cybersecurity; and time management.

    The Power of Legal Information: A three-part series of practical issues takes a bold and powerful look at students, personnel and governance.

    NJASA Superintendent Institute for Second- and Third-Year Superintendents: Network with NJASA seasoned leaders to arm yourself with vital insights on plans, strategies, and resources while delving into topics such as: contract negotiations; collective bargaining; special populations: asking the right questions; and board of education dynamics.

    Make Your Vision a Reality with the New Jersey Consortia for Excellence Through Equity! NJASA’s new partnership with the Penn Center for Educational Leadership in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania serves as a valuable resource where the best of what we know of research and informed practice percolate – ideas and strategies that help district leaders effectively address their critical local challenges of securing and sustaining high level student achievement and educational equity for all.

    The New Jersey Leadership Academy (NJLA) will strengthen and grow a school leadership team. It works best when a team of administrators and teacher leaders from a school or district sign-up to learn together. In 2017-2018, NJLA will focus on Standard 10 of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL): School Improvement. 

    NJASA sponsors conferences and training activities throughout the school year that focus on achieving professional standards and developing your leadership and technology skills. Watch your email and our social media posts for details.

    Take the opportunity to go Back-to-School with NJASA and reap the rewards of empowerment through expanded knowledge, energy and networking. If I can be of assistance, email me at rbozza@njasa.net or call me at 609-599-2900. NJASA is here for you.

    Best of luck with the new school year!