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  • NaviGate Prepared Offers Free ‘Wizard’ to Help New Jersey Schools Build Safety Plans 

    As part of its new corporate partnership with NJASA, NaviGate Prepared is offering its Safety Plan Wizard free of charge to all K-12 schools in New Jersey. The Safety Plan Wizard streamlines the creation of a school safety plan by breaking it into a series of questions, then using the answers to build the plan. The software uses the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) model for school emergency operations plans and aligns with New Jersey school safety guidelines.

    NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza said, "He was glad to see this level of collaboration on such an important endeavor as school safety. Our organization appreciates the extent to which NaviGate Prepared is helping schools accomplish their objectives when it comes to safety and emergency preparedness."

    He further noted, "By offering the tools and services to generate safety plans, connect with first responders and provide school staff powerful safety apps, our community is better prepared in case of emergency."

    Districts wishing to request their free Safety Plan Wizard can do so by clicking here.

    "School safety is critical and needs focus. Administrators shouldn’t have to spend their time deciphering legal jargon or reinventing the wheel," states Thom Jones, general manager, NaviGate Prepared. "Our Safety Plan Wizard takes the information administrators already know and guides them through the development of a sound plan based on school safety best practices. We want to make it as easy as possible for schools to implement these requirements."

    The complete NaviGate Prepared system includes the ability to organize and store safety information to share with staff and first responders, log and track safety drills and interactive floor plans. Additionally, the NaviGate Prepared app offers staff immediate access to emergency procedures and the ability to instantly view building and class roster information that is synced with the school's Student Information System (SIS). This gives teachers the ability to account for students, by name, during drills or emergencies. Knowing exactly who is unaccounted for gives administrators and first responders valuable information and streamlines emergency efforts.

    Brian London, chief education officer, Weymouth Township School District, said, "His district is one of the first in New Jersey to begin implementing the NaviGate Prepared technology and he is excited to put it into action."

    "It is going to be easier than ever to create our safety plan. The Safety Plan Wizard streamlines the entire process and will give me peace of mind knowing our district is meeting the state requirements," states London. "We are in the process of implementing the complete NaviGate Prepared system, from interactive maps and floor plans to scheduling and logging drills. I am looking forward to the positive impact it will have on our staff’s level of confidence and ability to manage emergency situations."

    The NaviGate Prepared team is excited to support NJASA’s efforts for emergency preparedness. We hope you join the countless school districts throughout the U.S. who utilize NaviGate Prepared to help them focus on keeping staff and students safe.