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  • Kudos to My NJASA Colleagues!

    Dear NJASA Community:

    Our Association’s theme of "One Vision, Our Voice" for the 2016-2017 school year best describes your diligent efforts of working with the NJASA leadership, under the guidance of our Executive Director Rich Bozza, to modify the superintendent salary caps.  

    Your conversations with your respective board members, community stakeholders, and elected legislators were instrumental in the development of proposed amendments to the salary caps.

    These modifications, a step-in-the-right direction, would not have been possible without your involvement. The proposed amendments will benefit students by expanding the pool of well-qualified candidates for the most important district leadership position impacting every aspect of school district operations.

    NJASA continues and will continue to advance our belief that superintendent salary caps are unnecessary and we support local control. The Association believes school board members, elected by their constituents to govern their school systems, should retain the authority to determine compensation for the chief education officer just as they do for all others in the employment of the school district.

    In addition to local control, NJASA reinforces our position that superintendent salary caps are not needed because there is an existing review process of all chief education officers’ contracts by the NJDOE, there is an existing 2% tax levy cap, and there is an existing administrative spending cap.

    Looking towards 2017, I encourage you to remain active with NJASA and take the initiative to reach out to a colleague within your county and suggest s/he become an active member of NJASA.

    On behalf of NJASA, we wish you a happy and health holiday season and a very Happy New Year!



    Scott P. McCartney, Ed.D.  

    Dr. Scott McCartney, NJASA President 2016-2017