On Target Jan 2018
  • Presidents Message


    Dear Colleagues:

    NJASA, an organization of dedicated professional members and staff, has always placed the interest and well-being of New Jersey’s students first. The Association accomplishes this goal daily by raising the awareness of all stakeholders, taxpayers, and elected representatives from the local level, to the state level, and to the federal level. This is one of NJASA’s most significant achievements.

    Germane to the success of our endeavors are three key elements – the Association’s Professional Development Program, the Association’s sophisticated Committees, and the Association’s presence in the policy-making areas of both New Jersey and the United States.

    First, the NJASA Professional Development program provides a wealth of resources that inform and educate our attendees on their journey to advance educational policies, to foster social-emotional learning skills, and to design blueprints for the next generation of society.

    Our top-notch presenters offer several thousand attendees unique perspectives on educational leadership while cultivating opportunities for the educators to idea share. The Association’s impressive roster of continuing education courses cover topics geared specifically for new superintendents; fundamentals of operating a school district for school leaders and central office personnel; specialized conferences and programs that focus on technology, leadership, legal issues, and mentoring for all district stakeholders.

    Second, there are 11 NJASA Committees that serve in an advisory role to our policy-making NJASA Executive Committee. The committee chairs and their members continually work for the good of the cause and take several deep dives into pertinent educational topics that have formed the foundation for many NJASA positions to the New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey State Board of Education, the New Jersey Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and our federal representatives and departments.  Examples of the committees’ work include the new NJQSAC regulations and the requirement for teacher certification candidates to participate in the EdTPA procedure of video recording a teaching segment with students.

    Third, as we work to enhance the educational landscape of New Jersey, I want to acknowledge the efforts of Team NJASA. Under the direction of our Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza, our efforts to eliminate the superintendent salary caps advanced significantly. New regulations became effective on May 1, 2017, and the NJASA Legal Department continues to assist members with contractual issues.

    Lastly, collaborative efforts with our statewide educational colleagues have been positive in obtaining a postponement to the changes regarding district requirements for administering Auxiliary and Handicapped Services for Nonpublic School students (known as Chapter 192/193).

    In addition, with support and encouragement from our statewide colleagues, a considerable number of board of education resolutions regarding the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Food and Nutrition, School Nutrition Programs (SNP), change in the type of contract that will be allowed with Food Service Management Companies (FSMCs) have been generated.

    I am extremely pleased with the progress NJASA is making to enhance education in New Jersey and want to thank you for your continued support in making this progress a reality.



    Dr. Michael Kuchar

    NJASA President 2017-2018