On Target November
  • Presidents Message

  •  NJASA 4 Equity One Vision, Our Voice 


    Dear Colleagues:


    In our most recent On Target, my welcome message shared some thoughts about the power of equity to unify and guide the realization of our Vision 2020. These ideas led our executive officers and key staff members to craft a forward-thinking plan entitled NJASA 4 Equity, which is intended to: 


    • Amplify the theme of One Vision, Our Voice into “using our voice to achieve a vision of equity for all New Jersey students.”
    • Articulate clear beliefs that synthesize the intent of Vision 2020 regarding our students, communities, school leaders, and NJASA members.
    • Add strategies and measures to operationalize the beliefs through a sustainable action plan. 


    We articulated four core beliefs around which to base the initiative: 


    1. EQUITY FOR STUDENTS: We believe in equitable access to programs, services, and resources for all students.
    2. EQUITY FOR COMMUNITIES: We believe in equitable access to funding for all school districts.
    3. EQUITY FOR LEADERS: We believe in equitable access to professional development for all school leaders.
    4. EQUITY FOR MEMBERS: We believe in equitable access to career opportunities and fair compensation for all association members. 


    I presented NJASA 4 Equity to our Executive Committee at Workshop 2018 in Atlantic City, and received some helpful feedback. The presentation is posted on the NJASA website with examples of current initiatives, potential partners, and links to Vision 2020. Members have begun commenting on it using the hashtag #njasa4equity. Please take a look and tell us what you think. 


    The next step is to identify Belief Leaders and begin to build out the strategies and measures that will operationalize the plan. These may be existing initiatives already being undertaken within our NJASA committees. Regardless, we hope this will result in a multi-year effort to bring the power of equity to our organization’s current mission and future effectiveness.  




    Dr. G. Kennedy Greene

    NJASA President 2018-2019